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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Star Stassi Schroeder Reveals Secret Past with Scientology, Reveals How Ex-Boyfriend Jax Got Her Involved

Stassi Schroeder Says She And Jax Used To Meet With Scientology Mentor, Details All In New Book

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder just revealed a big secret in her upcoming tell-all book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic B–ch Handbook.

While her book isn’t about her religious beliefs, Stassi does recall her past with Scientology after Jax Taylor had filmed a commercial for Scientology. This happened when they were dating and they had just moved to Los Angeles to pursue careers in acting.

“I was like, ‘Dude, are we talking about the science fiction, L. Ron Hubbard, alien movie, Tom-Cruise-couch-jumping religion?’ He said yes.” she writes in her book after Jax tells her that he talked to them about Stassi during his commercial shoot. “Jax was never the sharpest tool in the shed. I told him he was out of his freaking mind.”

According to Radar Online, Stassi, 30, details how they went to the Scientology center and how the mentor they met with kept bringing up Tom Cruise’s name over and over again. It was like he wanted them to know who they were dealing with and how Scientology was linked to celebrities.

“After our weird-a** office visit, he walked us around the building and everyone we saw was in the happiest mood. It was . . . like a cult.”

Things only got weirder from there.

“Then Tom Cruise’s mentor said Jax and I were going to be separated, and he took me into a room alone to watch a video that involved a kid eating a boiled egg and then witnessing a car accident,” she explained.

Then, Jax and Stassi were convinced to pay $100 each for a textbook and they had to take a class, which was full of people their age. They couldn’t eat or drink for hours. But Stassi pulled the plug on the entire thing when a creeper teacher told Jax to communicate with the aliens.

While Stassi has never talked about this on Vanderpump Rules, she writes that she still has the textbook and membership card because it’s a collector’s item.

This was far from Stassi’s only weird dating experience, as fans saw how Patrick Meagher treated her last year.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m EST on Bravo. Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook is available on April 16, 2019.

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