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Andy Cohen Reveals the Criticism That Got Under His Skin the Most, Plus How He Handled the Backlash

Andy Cohen Reveals the Criticism That Got Under His Skin the Most

Bravo host Andy Cohen is opening up about the criticism he’s received from viewers that bothered him the most, plus how he dealt with the backlash.

Andy will host his third New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper at the end of this month and during a recent interview with Jeff Lewis, he opened up about the backlash he’s received over the CNN gig.

The Watch What Happens Live host looked back on his first year hosting the show before revealing his hardest moment and opening up about how he got through the debilitating state he found himself in after reading what people were saying about him on Twitter.

“The first year was pretty negative on Twitter,” Andy said on Sirius XM show Jeff Lewis Live.

According to Andy, he typically doesn’t get bothered by the negative things he reads about himself online, even when speaking passionately about where he stands on the political spectrum, which “never pays off.”

“On that first [New Year’s Eve] where we were trending, and [a media outlet] wrote ‘Twitter hates Andy Cohen,’ on [New Year’s Eve] and they put together a slide show together of 30 of the meanest tweets about me on… I would say that was rough for me. It was kind of debilitating,” he admitted.

The following morning, Andy called his mom.

“My mom’s a very fair honest critic of me. And I called her and I go, ‘Did you see last night?’ And she said, ‘I saw half of it. The rest is on tape.’ I go, ‘I’m really depressed and upset.’ I said, ‘I think it was so bad and people are really saying it was bad or whatever,'” Andy revealed.

In response, Andy’s mother said that she didn’t think it was bad before informing him that she would watch the rest of her taped episode and get back to him with “a couple of notes.”

Despite the negative comments, Andy ultimately began to look at the positive aspect of his appearance on CNN’s special after learning that the episode was a ratings hit.

“The cloud over my head lifted. It was later that night that they emailed. They go, ‘It was the highest-rated in CNN history,'” Andy explained.

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