Below Deck Recap: Kevin and Kate Butt Heads Over Casserole Dishes, Plus Kate’s Confronted by Charter Guest

by Julia Comments

Below Deck Recap: Kevin and Kate Butt Heads Over Casserole Dishes, Plus Kate's Confronted by Charter Guest

On this episode of Below Deck, an angry Captain Lee is never a good time.

Kate is livid and over all of the boys on board. Looks like this is really turning into girls against boys. Kate states, “I’m completely over working with misogynistic a*sholes.” I mean, I don’t blame Kate. Those guys are the pits. Captain Lee calls all the crew together to let them know that it’s time to just move on and leave the drama behind. He gives the crew a chance to beat it before the final charter begins, but naturally, everyone stays on board…cuz #drama.

Ashton complains about how hard it has been on him this season as bosun, Kate preps for the guests (a sports journalist & her ladies celebrating her recent engagement), Tanner is fixated on setting a sex date with Kate but she wants it to happen organically. Rhylee chats with Brian about his “relationship” with Courtney. Things are still a bit rocky between the ex-“couple,” and Courtney is holding her ground that she is allowed to have opinions, even if they are different from Brian’s.

Courtney suggests a chat with Brian and they get nowhere fast. Brian discusses how important loyalty is to him. He is bummed that he feels as though Courtney doesn’t have his back. Courtney cries in Kevin‘s arms, Brian looks dumb AF, and I think it is evident that everyone has had enough of each other on this boat.

The final charter has arrived, and in the words of Kate, “Everyone on the crew is cracking.” What. A. Mess. Jemele, the charter guest, introduces herself and the rest of her gang. They get settled in after the Kate tour and then the anchor comes up. They are off!

Jemele just got engaged and these guests are in it to win it, bachelorette party style. Everyone is fangirling over Jemele, especially Simone. These guests seem a bit easy to please. They zip around on water toys, but they get a bit annoyed when they begin to feel a “coolness” from Kate as she serves them.

In fact, they confront Kate and ask her about her “energy.” Kate states that charter guests should be “looking elsewhere for satisfaction, besides my face.” Yikes. I will tell you that Simone is straight-up digging the fact that the charter guests aren’t too into Kate.

LOL to all of the penis puns. Very clever. Kevin feeds them a meal for the ages, and post-dinner, the 90’s themed bachelorette party ensues. Everyone, including the crew, dons some 90’s gear and the sky lounge is chock full o’ paper penises. It’s a real banger until Jemele brings Kate in for some #realtalk. She apologizes for getting on her nerves earlier and it is evident that too much alcohol has kicked in.

It’s the last full day of charter, and Tanner is hopeful to get #some from Kate while Kevin is nervous about baking the erotic cake the guest had requested because he’s never made “a free-standing cock” ????.  Kevin and Kate are in the galley butting heads over his demand to use a casserole dish to transport food to the beach picnic.  At this point, Kate is sick and tired of every word coming out of his mouth.

Ashton feels defeated by Rhylee and decides to shade her as “the junior deckhand with the most to say.” OUCH! Kate and the deckhands head over to the beach with the masseuse to get ready for the picnic as Kevin and Simone bond over their hate for Kate as she calls her the worst human she’s ever worked with. Kevin, on the other hand, says, “There’s no trust between me and Kate, she hasn’t got my back whatsoever.”

The ladies are getting Thai massages on the beach and seem to really love all of Kevin’s meals. Speaking of Kevin, he’s back on the boat battling with the penis cake as Tanner watches the whole experience in excitement. Post-picnic, the ladies are back on the boat and getting ready for dinner. Kevin expresses his love for the guests and wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to make their last dinner a memorable one.

It’s dinner o’clock and the ladies are dressed in white and heading to the main salon for dinner with Captain Lee. Jemele is a bit wasted and can barely keep her eyes open while eating. She has to go take a nap before it’s time for dessert. The beef continues for Kate and Kevin. Kate is happy Jemele didn’t get to see Kevin’s dick cake after he put a lot of effort into making it. In her words, “This is perfect.”

The guests are in the middle of an intense conversation with Captain Lee when Kevin shows up excitedly with his Masterpiece. But unfortunately, the ladies are not very receptive to the penis cake. Evil Kate uses that opportunity to spew out some shady comments about karma being a b–ch. And unfortunately for Kevin, Captain Lee says he’s not taking a bite! LOL. The penis cake saga continues next week…….