Vanderpump Dogs Ex-Employee Sues Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Foundation for Alleged Sexual Harassment, Claims Management Ignored Her Complaints

by Alyson Shepard Comments

Vanderpump Dogs Ex-Employee Sues Lisa Vanderpump's Dog Foundation for Alleged Sexual Harassment, Claims Management Ignored Her Complaints

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump‘s dog foundation is being sued by an ex-employee who alleged her complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace fell on deaf ears, forcing her to quit her job.

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, an animal charity organization founded by Lisa and her husband Ken Todd, is under fire after one of their formerly employed dog groomers sued the establishment for allegedly ignoring her complaints of experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, Damiana Guzman, who worked as a dog groomer at Lisa’s foundation for a period of around two months, filed a lawsuit against the company with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on January 24 for “unlawful harassment based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation,” which included “wrongful termination in violation of public policy by way of constructive discharge.”

The ex-employee alleges she was forced to quit around late July 2019 after her manager at the time, whose name we are redacting, along with his superiors, made her working conditions “intolerable,” as was stated in the report.

Damiana claims her manager teased her based on her gender and sexuality, allegedly referring to her as a “skinny no-a** fool” and a “flat-a** b**ch.” The manager is also being accused of telling the groomer that “he didn’t know how her girlfriend could stand to be with her because she had no a**.”

“Further, [redacted], who was aware of Plaintiff’s sexual orientation, told her that he could turn her straight and that she had not found the right man on numerous occasions,” as was stated in the legal documents. “He also claimed that he turned the mother of his child straight. Indeed, not a day went by where [redacted] didn’t make a comment about Plaintiff’s body, her sexual preference, or his sexual prowess.”

While Damiana claimed she went to upper-management to complain about the harassment she was forced to endure while on the clock, “they failed to take any meaningful action, so Plaintiff had no choice but to resign,” according to the lawsuit.

As a result of this alleged harassment, the former Vanderpump Dog Foundation employee claimed she “suffered economic loss, humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress,” according to the suit.