The RHOBH Recap: Sutton Causes Teddi to Cry at Bizarre Dinner Party and Denise Reveals She’s Being Followed

by Julia Comments

The RHOBH Recap: Sutton Causes Teddi to Cry at Bizarre Dinner Party and Denise Reveals She's Being Followed

The world’s most bizarre dinner party goes down on this episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kyles home! After a long time away filming the Halloween movie, Kyle gets greeted by her family, only to let them know that she is planning on hosting a 16-person dinner party. Tomorrow. The girl wastes NO time.

Erika pays a visit to her vocal coach in preparation for her role as Roxie in Chicago. Kinda sounds like she is scream-yelling, but I guess her mother’s critical voice inside Erika’s psyche must’ve not made that much of an impact on her singing career. Look at Erika go.

Teddi and Rinna meet for a bite. Rinna shares that Amelia is back home, but that she hasn’t taken the easy way out. Teddi silently disagrees with Rinna’s parenting. Luckily, Sutton hops in to break up the conversation. Seems like Sutton got a fresh cut on those bangs just for the event.

Sutton is thrilled to be around like-minded business women and wants to hear more about Teddi’s business. OF COURSE questions about the retreat come up again and Sutton reminds Teddi that she will be in attendance. Teddi tries again to explain her stance on her invitation, and around and around and around we go. Sutton suggests Teddi go about this a different way and reminds Teddi, “You should be happy that your friends are coming.” It doesn’t seem like Teddi and Sutton are going to get along very well. I can tell by Teddi’s smirk.

It’s the day of Kyle’s dinner party and the ladies are getting themselves ready…to eat in a woman’s house. What is with Mauricio and why he is always stoned?! The first to arrive is Teddi and her husband, Edwin. Dorit is a close second attendee, as she lives right around the block from Kyle.

Why does Kyle look like the mother in Beatlejuice?! The hair. The outfit. It’s really quite an interesting look. Speaking of interesting looks, let’s discuss Rinna trying to impersonate David Bowie. I cannot get over these women!

Denise is struggling a bit with her recovery, but she is pulling off those heels like nobody else and comes into the dinner with a smile. When Sutton arrives, the ladies begin salivating over her ensemble. They are just obsessed with Sutton’s couture looks, and they won’t shut up about their “ready-to-wear” outfits. But if you ask me, it doesn’t make one bit of difference what they wear…they ALL look ridiculous — especially Garcelle.

It is evident that Sutton’s head is going to explode because there is no assigned seating. Sutton feels uncomfortable when she can’t find a seat and naturally winds up next to her favorite housewife, Teddi. Note the sarcasm.

Oh boy…Kyle’s speech about her “welcome home to me” party is cringeworthy. Sutton can hardly handle the dinner table talk and looks like she is about to lose her mind when it is suggested they play a game Rinna made up called “first impression vs. now.” It’s really just an a*s kissing competition and I feel like I am watching a kindergarten classroom compliment one another. Rinna has the worst ideas…

When it’s Sutton’s turn to give her first impression of Teddi, she states that she thought she was gonna be a little boring, especially because Teddi is pregnant…but Sutton was pleasantly surprised to find out that Teddi is way more interesting than she thought. No one really knows where Sutton is going with her tangent, but Teddi certainly isn’t gonna give her a chance to explain herself. It gets awkward when Teddi starts to get emotional. I love how Edwin just continues to eat his meal. He must be on whatever Mauricio is on.

Eventually, Teddi and her husband leave the table with Kyle, because Kyle always has to be involved in everything. Teddi is a mess and blames the “multiple nights in a row” that Sutton has gone in on her for her outburst of tears.

Once everyone gets settled again, Kyle decides to focus on the men of the party. Kyle puts Denise’s husband, Aaron, on the spot and asks him essentially what he does for a living. This is when things get weird. Really weird. Aaron explains that everything we’ve been taught about disease process is not true and I can’t help but hear eerie music in the background as he attempts to break down his job.

When Aaron tries to get into what he does, no one understands (including myself), except for Mauricio, because he is stoned to the bejesus. Aaron’s explanation of cancer is wild and I am trying so hard to comprehend what he is saying. How is everyone keeping a straight face?

Aaron shares that certain organizations don’t like to see the results he creates, and therefore, in the words of Denise, he should “be careful,” as people are following them. Wait, what?!

Once things get REALLY awkward and no one knows quite what to do with the nuggets of info Aaron just threw at them, Teddi announces that she is having a baby girl. Now that is something that everyone can get behind! With that news, Denise announces her exit due to her pain…and maybe to escape the people following them?

After dinner, the ladies throw back Fireball shots and Teddi says farewell. Sutton knows she is in the doghouse with Teddi and is freaking out about how to fix it. She announces she will not be attending Teddi’s retreat, mainly because Teddi made it clear that Sutton should not come.

Two days after Kyle’s dinner party, Sutton has Kyle over for some brunch. They discuss Teddi’s reaction and Sutton makes it clear that she has nothing to apologize for. Sutton hems and haws about whether she should go to the retreat, despite her fall-out with Teddi.

In the meantime, Teddi and Erika grab a quick bite and Teddi spills. She states that the boring and pregnant statement made by Sutton really struck a chord with her. Teddi truly does not want Sutton at the retreat. Teddi repeats that there are a lot of people coming to this and that she needs to be in the right headspace to make this successful.

Somebody better let Kyle know… As usual, Kyle sticks her nose in business that is not hers and suggests Sutton go to the retreat with her. Oh boy. Little does Sutton know about Teddi’s true feelings. This isn’t gonna be a happy surprise for Teddi. I have a feeling Teddi’s retreat is the new “puppy gate” of last season, and I gotta tell ya, I can’t wait for the damn retreat to come so they stop talking about it already…