PHOTOS: RHONJ Star Gia Giudice Shares Picture of Her Nose Job as She Opens Up About Getting Plastic Surgery, See the Before and After Photo of Teresa Giudice’s Daughter

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PHOTOS: RHONJ Star Gia Giudice Shares Picture of Her Nose Job, See a Before and After Plastic Surgery Photo of Teresa Giudice's Daughter Gia

Gia Giudice just revealed she got a nose job.

The 19-year-old and Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently shared to her Instagram on July 17 that she had a major cosmetic adjustment to her face, changing up her nose to her liking.

“yes I got a nose job. yes I’m swollen. thank you so much @drtobiasnyc I’m absolutely in love with it????” she captioned her Instagram post. “I am an adult now, this has been an insecurity of mine for a while and I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!”

Although mother Teresa Giudice is pictured with Gia, it’s unclear whether or not she’s fully supportive of the move, as she’s noted her discouragement of plastic surgery for teenagers before to Life & Style.

“I’m all about plastic surgery but not [for] teenagers,” she said. “I wouldn’t let Gia do anything for a while. I mean, I guess, you know, after your 20s, if you want to do something like after 21 … You got to make sure your body’s fully grown. Or I know like, young girls get their noses done and I think, you know, if you got a big nose, you might as well fix it. Why not?”

Below is a before and after photo of Gia Giudice –

Before and After Photo of Gia Giudice's Nose Job Plastic Surgery

A Before and After Photo of Gia Giudice’s Nose Job

Teresa herself has  has gone under the knife before, so perhaps she might go a little easy on her daughter’s nose transformation.

Photos Credit: Michael Simon/, Instagram