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Disruptive Below Deck Charter Guest Charley Walters Defends His Behavior and Claims Production Told Him to be “Demanding,” Plus He Claims He’s “Friends” With the Crew Now

Disruptive Below Deck Charter Guest Charley Walters Defends His Behavior as "Good TV" and Explains How Production Told Him to be "Demanding," Plus He Claims He's "Friends" With the Crew Now

Viewers were pretty appalled by the recent charter guest on this week’s episode of Below DeckThe guest in question, Charley Walters, took to Twitter to defend his behavior, noting how production encouraged him to be “demanding” for more drama on the show.

As Twitter users watching along with the show slammed Charley for his behavior as a rambunctious charter guest, the CW3 public relations company owner fired back, clarifying the occasion for his actions.

“I think these guests just trying to be as demanding and shitty as possible for TV,” one user wrote.

“You THINK?🤣,” Charley replied. 

He also went on to say that he was told to “act like a piece of s**t to the crew” because “That’s what makes the show,” noting that he was encouraged to be demanding by production. 

When another user claimed they would be the “easiest charter” guest the show could have compared to him, Charley again shot back about his reasoning.

“But they wouldn’t cast you for that. That’s not what the show is about. You have to be demanding and dramatic or there’s no show,” he stated.

After Charley owned his questionable ways on the episode and took being one of the “worst guests” on charter as a compliment, he then credited himself as “The Miranda Priestly of the Sea.”

Charley then responded to a Bravo fan who called out his “blatantly rude” behavior toward the crew and genuinely wondered if it was “the TV exposure” that made him come back to the show.

“I appreciate the genuine question and will give a genuine answer,” Charley responded. “I do this for the fun experience of being on Bravo again, getting to travel to new places with friends in a luxury setting, and also the residual $ bump if you pass a threshold of lines is not bad over time.”

After some of his shenanigans — like requesting dishes from all over the world for dinner and jumping behind the bar to make his own drinks — Charley noted that he and the crew were actually on good terms now, although that wouldn’t make for “interesting TV.”

“While I support the fact that you paid for a charter and excellent service and that’s what you should get, it never hurts to treat others with a little kindness, respect and dignity,” wrote one Twitter user. “Everyone deserves that regardless their station in life or yours.”

“I get It. You don’t see that part. Ask any of the crew now, we are friends with most and had some great kind times that you won’t see as it doesn’t make interesting TV,” he responded. “But how would you know? It’s all good.”

Below Deck airs every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.


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