Sonja Morgan Reveals Her Plastic Surgery Regrets and Why She Didn’t Want to Join RHONY Cast in Season One, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Sonja Morgan Reveals Her Plastic Surgery Regrets and Why She Didn't Want to Join RHONY Cast in Season One

Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan is revealing why she didn’t originally want to join the cast in season one. She also dishes on what plastic surgery procedure she regrets getting done.

After a whopping 10 seasons on RHONY, the 55-year-old reality star can’t help but reflect on how much she’s changed since she first joined the cast. And according to Sonja, waiting to join the show until season three was the best decision for her and her daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan.

“When they first asked me to come on season 1, when it was just Jill [Zarin] and I for Manhattan Moms, I said no — I don’t know what I’m going to do with a 5-year-old child, I was going through a divorce,” the Bravo star dished to Life and Style Magazine. “And then after two seasons, the third season I was like ‘Wow, these girls are doing well, the kids are doing well, it’s great for their charities, it’s great for their brand.’ And I went to fashion school and I want to build my brand again. I wanted to start over essentially, after my divorce.”

But after her divorce proved to be a rocky one, she found support in the friendships she gained on the show. “We really are friends and we’re there for each other and I learned from these other kickass women. Because New Yorkers are real,” Sonja explained.

The New York housewife claims that she built “lasting bonds” with the women on the show, partly because they already had relationships prior to filming. Sonja also says that being on RHONY helped to show “what it meant to be a woman who could take care of herself and her daughter.”

“And then [my daughter] met my world, the people who supported us, in a city that I’m proud to live in, which means, we’re all about tolerance. So she really was brought up as my daughter in my home, and I love that about New York,” the reality star gushed. “So that’s what the show did for me, and I really did evolve that way, and it gave me so many avenues to give back to my charities even more, to highlight them.”

While the philanthropist housewife feels like she’s evolved over her time on the hit reality show, she still harbors regrets about her past. Even though the reality star considers Botox and fillers a form of “self-care,” Sonja wishes she hadn’t worried so much about staying thin.

“Where I felt in this day and age I went too far is to do liposuction. I don’t think it’s in anymore. You don’t really need to have that,” Sonja admitted to US Weekly. “If your doctor says do it, do it. I just had the doughnut around my belly button taken off, but why bother? I mean really, why bother because people really embrace their curves now.”

Sonja instead prefers to opt for a less invasive procedure to get rid of stubborn fat as she became a spokesperson for CoolSculpting, an FDA-cleared fat-reduction treatment that targets unwanted fat without surgery and little-to-no downtime. During the procedure, fat cells are frozen and eliminated.

“I tried it and I loved it and then I became a spokesperson and it’s been great,” Sonja told Reality Blurb in 2019. “This lasts and the benefit is it’s non-surgical. You are in and out in 35 minutes and you can read your emails while you’re having it done.”

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