Jen Shah Asks Judge to Dismiss Fraud Case Due to Hulu Documentary as RHOSLC Star’s Reasons Revealed in Court Docs

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Jen Shah Asks Judge to Dismiss Fraud Case, Claims Federal Agent Made “Highly Prejudicial” Statements in Hulu Doc Which May Tainted Her Jury PoolJen Shah took a gut-punch in the media on Monday after Hulu released their new documentary, The Housewife & the Shah Shocker. Federal agents made several comments throughout the program, which delved into Jen’s arrest. The commentary seemed premature to certain fans of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City because the 47-year-old has yet to begin trial.

Jen pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and has consistently claimed her innocence. On a recent episode of RHOSLC, cameras managed to capture a swarm of federal agents who came looking for the reality star before the arrest.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jen asked a judge to dismiss the fraud case. She pointed to two special agents from Homeland Security, who were interviewed in the Hulu documentary. Jen claimed the agents provided details that weren’t available to the public and offered their own opinions.

The star claimed Agent Rick Patel made comments regarding the circumstances of her arrest, and Agent Agnieszka Norman gave “highly prejudicial” statements (about allegedly hiding funds in offshore accounts). According to Jen, they also suggested that Shah’s case originated from a narcotics smuggling investigation.

The legal documents claimed the jury pool will now be tainted, hindering Jen’s chances of a fair trial. According to the docs, the Hulu program gave opinions that will influence the public to assume her guilt.

Many media outlets are bombarding the public with speculations on Jen’s guilt. When it comes to the women of Real Housewives, innocent-until-proven-guilty is perhaps a slogan of the past.

Jen asked the judge to dismiss the indictment, and she believes the feds should receive sanctions. She also wants the feds to provide any information regarding their collaboration with the media.