90 Day Fiance’s Paul Staehle Returns Home After Abuse Video, Says Tensions Are “Escalating” as Karine Stays in House With “No Family or Friends”

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90 Day Fiance's Paul Staehle Returns Home After Abuse Video, Says Tensions Are “Escalating” as Karine Stays in House With “No Family or Friends”

Earlier this week, a controversial video of Karine Martins surfaced online. In it, she allegedly grabbed her husband Paul Staehle’s hair and pushed him back on a couch. The mother-of-two, however, said the video was clipped and misleading.

After the incident, Paul’s parents watched over their two sons while Paul took a break from the situation. Now it appears the 90 Day Fiancé pair are back together.

Paul gave an update on Instagram: “After spending a few days in a hotel, I returned home to try to figure something out with Karine,” he said. “I have convinced her to return to school. However, she has been depressed everyone else has guests and she is alone with no one to work on. I have been encouraging her to make friends however it is difficult for her to socialize with her fear of English even though she is now fluent.”


He shared, “Being here with no friends or family no social life has made things intense at our house. If you are a good person with a good heart PLEASE CALL AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH HER. She would love the opportunity and a good conversation.”

Paul also believes Karine “will probably be upset I posted this, but I am desperate for her to get out of this stressful environment of constantly being in the house with no family or friends. As many of you have probably seen the tension here has gotten pretty high. So if you have love for her make a free appointment and support her cosmetology dream. I have faith this will dramatically reduce the tension in our household that has been escalating.”

Karine also wrote a statement on Instagram, giving thanks to fans who have supported her. “Thank you for all messages. Know that I feel embraced by everyone,” she said. “God is in control of all things.”

The star also re-posted a message from one of her relatives (which was originally written in Portuguese, and then translated to English): “The press office of Karine Martins comes to the public to inform she is going through delicate moments in her relationship and that the decisions that she has been taking are being done [for] her children.”

The message also expressed, “We want to register solidarity with Karine and make it clear that we do not condone anything that is happening! We are in contact 24h with it! Let everything be resolved!”