Karine Martins Addresses Video of Alleged Abuse Against Husband Paul Staehle, 90 Day Fiance Star Defends Herself: “You Don’t See The Whole Video”

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90 Days Fiancé’s Karine Martins Addresses Domestic Violence Allegation Against Husband Paul Staehle, Claims “You Don’t See The Whole Video”

After a controversial video was leaked online, Karine Martins is facing some serious backlash. In the video, the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star is standing over her husband Paul Staehle as things get physical.

No audio is available, so the nature of their conversation is a mystery. At some point, Karine seems to grab Paul’s hair, moving his head to face hers. Afterward, her hand connects to his neck, and Paul’s body moves backward. Their son is also in the room.


According to Karine, the situation is not as it seems. On Instagram, the star said, “I did not choke him, he put my hands to his neck. You don’t see the whole video.”

In a separate post, she explained, “That video is clipped and there’s a lot in there. I didn’t touch Paul’s neck but my hair covers it when he pulls my hand.”

Karine also shared, “My children are not with me. I am a great mother. So much has happened and I was prevented from coming to talk about the video. I don’t want to expose my children, I love them so much but we are suffering.”

Paul posted on his own Instagram, thanking his parents for taking care of their children, and he included photos of the boys with their grandparents: “Big Thank you to my father who has been making an extensive effort to help with Pierre and Ethan.”

“I also want to thank my mother during peak season at UPS in light of everything going on she has made a big effort to make time for Ethan and Pierre,” he said.

Karine and Paul have experienced a tumultuous relationship throughout the years. Rumors are circulating that a divorce is on the way.