Dr. Jen Armstrong Faces $250K Lawsuit Over Medical Battery as RHOC Star Struggles to Unload $6 Million Home, Plus Details of New Lawsuit

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Dr. Jen Armstrong Faces $250K Lawsuit Over Medical Battery as RHOC Star Struggles to Unload $6 Million Home, Plus Details of New Lawsuit

New Real Housewives of Orange County housewife Dr. Jen Armstrong‘s legal troubles just keep piling up higher and higher. New serious reports have surfaced of a second malpractice lawsuit being filed against her as well as working with an unlicensed physician.

According to new documents obtained by Radar, an individual named Terri Litzkow is suing not only Dr. Jen herself but also her business, Advanced Skincare Medcenter, and a “doctor” named Donald Woo Lee.

In the court documents, Litzkow is accusing Dr. Jen and Donald Woo Lee of breach of fiduciary duty and medical battery.

Litzkow is claiming she went to Dr. Jen’s Newport Beach office in 2017 for dermatological skin issues. She received numerous treatments from 2017 to 2021. However, in early 2020 she claims that Dr. Jen told her that she was “dissatisfied” with a leading brand of cosmetic products and went on to suggest that she use a company that she had found superior in quality.

Litzow claims the new products she was shown had Korean writing on them. She says that it was around this time that she started experiencing discomfort and pain in her face. She described the pain as feeling as if a thread had come loose and was poking into her skin from behind her skin.

Here’s where things get sketchy.

According to Litzkow, she was told by Dr. Jen that a man she referred to as “Dr. Lee” would treat her problems.

Later, Litzkow came to find out that Donald Lee Woo has been disciplined for insurance fraud, and even though he wore scrubs, he was not, in fact, practicing medicine with Dr. Jen.

In addition to that, she says that she found out that Woo Lee voluntarily surrendered his license in 2019 and was prohibited from practicing medicine.

In the suit, Litknow claimed Woo injected and manipulated her face, and she is furious that Dr. Jen allowed an unlicensed doctor to work on her face. She is asking in excess of $250,000 for mental suffering, anxiety, and emotional distress.

This isn’t the only malpractice suit Dr. Jen is facing. As we previously reported, she is also being sued for assault and battery for allegedly leaving a victim, Judy Hecht, “deformed.”

In less serious news, the good doctor had been struggling to sell her $6 million mansion weeks before her premiere on RHOC. It was heavily featured in the first few episodes of the new season, but after failing to find any potential buyers, the home has been taken off the market.

The RHOC star has yet to comment on either of the pending lawsuits or her home listing.

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