Vicki Gunvalson Shares When Ex Steve Lodge Moved Out of Her Home and Calls Him a “Manipulator” After His Engagement, Plus Peter Madrigal Shoots His Shot With Vicki

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RHOC: Vicki Gunvalson Calls Ex Steve Lodge a "Manipulator" After Engagement as Peter Madrigal Shoots His Shot

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is setting the record straight on how she feels about ex Steve Lodge’s engagement, and she has no future plans to speak about it anymore.

Speaking to E! News, Vicki ripped into Steve, saying, “Only a narcissist would move out of my home in September and be engaged in December. At this point, I can only thank God for tearing me away from the lies, the mind games, manipulations, being used, and I am finally free to heal.”

Vicki was engaged to Steve for a little over two years before announcing their split late last year.

She continued on by saying, “It’s important to remember that I’m mourning the person I thought he was, not the cruel manipulator he really is, and that is what gives me peace. I now see this as a blessing because if he did this now, God only knows what he would’ve done years down the line if I would’ve stayed with him.”

Vicki also added that she is not an “evil person,” and she only wishes Steve the best he deserves.

“I’m not an evil person so I won’t wish him anything bad, I can only wish for him what he deserves in life…whatever that may be,” the RHOC alum said.

According to Steve, Vicki’s version of their parting ways is “usually skewed.”

“I was very clear with Vicki in December of 2020, I told her in writing and verbally many times that I did NOT want to be in a romantic relationship with her anymore and ended it,” he told E! News. “We have not been in an intimate relationship since September 2020 and that was far and few in between.”

At this point, Vicki has no more to say on the matter.

According to Vicki’s rep, “Mrs. Gunvalson is ending all comments and statements here. She is moving on with next chapter of her life, which includes many exciting new projects and ventures in the works. She has no more time for this nonsense, nor is she giving any more life to a person whom is no longer relevant in her life.”

In a surprising twist in the Bravo-verse, Vanderpump Rules alum and SUR manager Peter Madrigal decided to shoot his shot via Twitter with Vicki, and fans are loving it.

“V- get a better picker!” he tweeted. “That last guy was a cheater & the guy before that was a lying liar & before that was Donn…you spark in your love tank. I’m BTW, hellooooo come to @SurRestaurant with your girls & let me host your return to being Single n’ Sassy! WhooHooo.”

Fans were quick to ship the two as a couple.

One tweeted, “@vgunvalson you should take him up on this offer this is how #stellagothergrooveback.”

Another chimed in, “Woooooah! Peter shooting his shot over here!! Get it Vicki!!!!!”

“This is a crossover I never knew I needed,” another added.

You can catch Vicki next on the second season of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip airing on Peacock this year.