RHOSLC Recap: Jen Accuses Meredith of Having “10 Boyfriends,” Confronts Her for Hiring Private Investigator and Calls Her a Fraud

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RHOSLC Recap: Jen Confronts Meredith for Hiring Private Investigator as They Engage in Screaming Match, Plus Jen Calls Meredith a Fraud and Accuses Her of Having “10 Boyfriends”

Traumatizing and fraud. Two words that come up repeatedly on this episode of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City. A gifted trip to the ladies turns into nothing but drama, and Meredith and Mary are walking targets.

Can we all agree that the black sprinter van deserves the eighth snowflake in this franchise?  That poor driver has seen it ALL these past two trips. On the ride from hell, the ladies (minus Meredith and Mary) are heading to Zion and are also trying to deescalate a fight between Jen and Lisa. Jen is in Lisa’s face screaming about who knows what, and Lisa is trying to (unsuccessfully) remain calm. Thank goodness for the producer jumping in to separate the madness. Lisa yells at Jen for essentially calling her a bad friend, but Jen just wants to figure out what Lisa Barlow is about. Heather sits quietly in the corner and silently promises to join Meredith and Mary on a flight for the next girls’ trip.

After many deep breaths, Jen looks like she is no longer seeing red, but she blurts out, “Mary Cosby and Meredith did something! This is my life…this is my kids.” Although Lisa doesn’t like that Jen tried to murder her, she also knows that Jen needs a friend right now. Lisa practically sits on Jen’s lap and apologizes. The best is when Lisa tells Jen she COULD BEAT HER UP if that makes her feel better… don’t threaten Jen with a good time, amiright?

Once the drama has subsided, Jen is told she can pick the best room because she just lost her damn marbles.  Good thing this villa does not disappoint. The women waste no time popping champagne and toasting their “sweet” husbands for setting up this event. Although this group seems to have worked through their differences, Meredith and Mary have not even shown up to the house yet. God only knows what sh*t is gonna hit the fan since they appear to be the villains.

Not only is Jen hurting, but she is also bombed. She has been drinking the whole day, and so Heather and Whitney realize the tricky situation Meredith and Mary will be walking into. The day wears on and the women lounge by the pool to kill some time. Jennie shares with the group that she doesn’t know how to swim, but Jen pushes her around on the float, and then Whitney and Jen proceed to rip out Jen’s extensions and throw them at Lisa. #mature.

The spiritual ceremony this evening is a chance for the ladies to start new… should be interesting to see Mary dealing with an energy healer. Also interesting to see Heather lock the door when Mary and Meredith finally arrive at the house… as they put it, they just aren’t ready to face the duo. Eventually, they talk with Mary, and Meredith is shocked to hear about the physical altercation between Lisa and Jen.

The last time this group tried a spiritual healer, it did not go well, so hopefully this time around, things will be a little different. Meredith is so bothered that she is being rushed to the event, considering she just got there, and she is holding the whole show up. According to Jen, “she is licking Mary’s a*s right now,” which would explain why she is not ready on time.

Meredith is not a “participant” in the group, as she is not adhering to the all-white dress code, since she did not have time to change. When time continues to tick and the sun continues to dwindle, they decide to leave without Mary. Everyone is in their whites for the labyrinth walk… well, everyone except Meredith, who is still in her Canadian tuxedo. Whitney has hopes that this will bring everyone back together and will cleanse the group of the drama.

Mary finally arrives 34 minutes late *however, she WAS left behind* and just in time for the drumming of the names. She has zero interest in participating since she is loyal to her God. She stands outside the circle, and she does not partake. Perhaps Mary should have simply skipped this event altogether?

Back at the villa, Heather feels rejuvenated by the love, and they sit down to dine for their five-course meal. Jen and Meredith run off to change, and Jen returns in a slinky snakeskin dress, which is symbolic if you ask me. Whitney makes a few digs during her toast and wants to make sure everything is okay with Meredith. She asks outright why Meredith did not go on the bus with them, and Meredith claims her husband had a doctor’s appointment… and Mary, well she didn’t even TRY to come up with an excuse to skip the bus.

Meredith half-a*ss apologizes to Whitney for “screwing up” her plan, but Mary Cosby is not saying sorry. Jen states she believes Mary is just being honest and Meredith is just saying what she thinks everyone wants to hear. Meredith tells Jen she doesn’t even know who she is as a person. Meredith declares that there was some “cumulative” tension and hostility, and she just did not want to subject herself to that. She is feeling like everyone just wants to attack her for no reason.

Meredith reminds Jennie that she called Jen a criminal, and to that, Jennie tries realllly hard to backtrack. Jennie stutters that she stated, “If she committed those acts, then I do not want to be affiliated with a criminal.” Jennie denies calling Jen a criminal and Jen excuses herself angrily from the table. Meredith is doing a swell job of twisting Jennie’s words to fit the narrative, huh?

Meredith sits back and states that she is disgusted and claims that Mary has been nothing but kind to her.  Meredith further states that Lisa made choices that have hurt her, and that opens the gates to the big question: Why are Lisa and Jen suddenly BFFs? Whitney jumps on this friendship bandwagon and wants to know why Mary does not want to be her friend.

As the ladies fight it out and try to figure out who is friends/defending who, Jen is inside stuffing her face.  Jennie tries to get the group to focus on Mary’s racial commentary and is curious why Meredith did not support Jennie in that moment. Everyone’s getting sick of Meredith always defending Mary, and Meredith is sick of getting attacked. She gets teary and disengages from the situation because she is overwhelmed.

Whitney won’t let it go until she finds out more answers from Meredith, and the group pushes Mary to be the one to bring Meredith back to the table. Meredith explains to Mary that she feels “traumatized” around Jen, but Mary holds up her end of the deal: Meredith comes back. Things are awkward and tense, and it seems like no one can really get along. Mary states that she doesn’t have the “mental capacity” and chooses to shut up since she cannot give Whitney what she is looking for in a friendship.

Since everyone is being honest, Jen jumps in to question Meredith about why she would ever hire a private investigator to research her. Meredith clarifies that she did so to figure out why her family was receiving threats. Jen tells Jennie that she gave her false information… seems like Jennie’s words are getting all sorts of turned around this dinner. Meredith explains that the investigator looked into the entire group but was sure with 90% certainty that the threats were coming from Jen.

Andddd the vagina issue comes up again. Jen gets in Meredith’s face, questioning if Meredith was the reason for all of Jen’s recent legal troubles. She calls Meredith a fraud, and Meredith calmly retorts, “Who’s calling who a fraud? Love you, baby.” Meredith makes it clear that she has nothing to do with the charges against Jen and reminds Jen that she is not “revolting” like her. Jen, unsure how to ruffle Meredith’s feathers as she disengages, yells out that Meredith has “10 mother*cking other boyfriends.” Interesting, and yet, Meredith does not flinch. So much for that spiritual healing…