RHOC Star Dr. Jen Armstrong Sued for $103K in Unpaid Bills as She’s Ordered to Answer Questions in Court

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RHOC’s Dr. Jen Armstrong Ordered to Answer Questions in Court Over Unpaid Bills in Yet Another Lawsuit

Should we start calling Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Dr. Jen Armstrong “Dr. Jen of OC Lawsuits?” According to new court documents, Dr. Jen is facing yet another lawsuit in tandem with a string of separate ongoing suits.

In court documents obtained by Radar, Jen has been ordered to be deposed about allegations that she has been refusing to pay her bills.

A company named Forever Ageless is suing Jen and her Advanced Skincare Medcenter, Inc. The RHOC doctor is being ordered to sit down and answer questions in court before February 7.

The original suit was filed back in October 2019 and is still going on in court. Forever Ageless is accusing Jen of breach of contract, and they claim to have provided Jen with medical products from August 2017 to January 2019.

The company says that Jen has straight-up refused to pay the $103,923.05 that they are owed. Jen is denying all allegations of wrongdoing, and she says she has even partially paid the debt back by giving the company a piece of jewelry worth $72k.

Though the case has been going on for years, it is just now starting to rev up.

In October, Forever Ageless began forcing Jen to face the legal matters in court, but Jen was a no-show to the scheduled deposition. They also claim that she failed to pay $4k in sanctions the court ordered her to pay.

Forever Ageless says they were once again pushed into going back to the courts due to Jen’s “gamesmanship and stonewalling tactics.” At that time, the company asked that Jen be found in contempt for her actions.

They also accused Jen of failing to show yet again for a virtual scheduled deposition.

Forever Ageless stated, “[Armstrong] failed to make timely objections—or any—objections—to the deposition notice, opting instead of advise Plaintiff less than 24 hours before the start of the deposition that Armstrong was ‘unavailable’ for the depo.”

Dr. Jen better start getting her affairs in order because a judge signed off on Forever Ageless’s motion on January 7.

Plus, Jen is living in a world with a plethora of separate ongoing suits. In the past couple of months, she has been sued by two former patients for medical malpractice/battery. In addition to those lawsuits, Jen is doing some suing on her own. She is currently suing two of her former employees over invasion of privacy.

Time to get your needles, er, ducks, in a row, Jen.

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