90 Day Fiancé: Are Caleb and Alina Still Together? Here’s What We Know

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90 Day Fiancé: Are Caleb and Alina Still Together? Here's What We Know

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day’s Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha are one of the most-watched couples of their season and viewers are dying to know…do they make it?

Fan-favorite couple Caleb and Alina got off to a bit of a rocky start much to the disappointment of viewers, and Alina herself. The two had a lot of built-up hype and anticipation going into their first meeting and unfortunately, things did not go exactly as planned.

Caleb and Alina met online 13 years prior on a language learning app, where Russian native Alina was learning English, and American-born Arizonian Caleb was looking to learn Russian. The two struck up a friendship but never met in person. But then, 13 years later as Caleb was looking to expand his horizons by dating abroad, who should he find pop up on his international dating app, but Alina! The two felt it had to be more than coincidence and struck up a courtship which quickly turned into a romance. But as the Russian borders are still closed due to Covid, the two decided to follow in the steps of their similarly named 90 Day Fiance costars, Alina Bio and Steven Johnson, and meet up in the neutral location of Turkey, one of the few places with open borders to both Americans and Russians at this time. So the two set up a date and made a plan.

But the couple’s best-laid plans seemed to go awry. Alina is a little person and has difficulty with walking long distances so she often uses a wheelchair. When Caleb arrived in Turkey after two flights and being awake for 30 hours, he seemed less than enthusiastic about having to push his luggage and Alina’s wheelchair through the crowded Istanbul airport. Things were tense between the two, and once they arrived back at the hotel, Caleb went right to sleep. It was not a magical first meeting to be sure.

At that point, fans couldn’t help but wonder…does this couple make it?

90 Day Fiance Caleb and Alina cuddle up in bed

90 Day Fiance Caleb and Alina Cuddle Up Credit: TLC

Well, fans should be happy to hear, that so far all signs point to yes! Here’s why we think so.

The couple still follows each other on Instagram, which as we have seen with many other 90 Day couples, is usually a good sign. It seems one of the first things to go when a couple falls out, is their social media presence with each other. When things go rocky, that unfollow button seems to be the first thing hit. So the fact that the two do still follow each other, is a good sign right off the bat.

Caleb also recently posted a picture to his Instagram of him and Alina posing together on their very first morning together in Istanbul, and the couple looks very cozy.

Caleb poses shirtless cuddled up next to Alina who is in a revealing robe. Alina is also tagged in the post and while the caption simply states it is a photo from their first morning together in Turkey, the picture certainly doesn’t send any red flags that the couple might not be together anymore. The picture was posted about a week ago, so while it is an old picture it is not an old posting.

Caleb also posted a picture of a shirt with a 90 Day Fiance quote on it, coined by 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Julia Trubkina. The shirt says “I Go Russia” and has the 90 Day Fiance logo on it. Since Alina is Russian, the shirt is in reference to the couples traveling abroad to see each other and Caleb having a Russian 90 Day Fiance partner, as Julia Trabinka is. Caleb expressed in the post how much he loved the shirt and was happy to receive this belated Christmas present. It would seem if he and Alina had called it quits, he would not be happy to receive a t-shirt with her country of origin on it.

But Caleb isn’t the only one in the couple showing some love. While Alina has not posted any pictures of the couple themselves to her Instagram she does gush over one of Caleb’s gifts to her in her Instagram story. One of Alina’s fans posted a video of her receiving a copy of Mariah Carey’s book from Caleb as a gift while they were in Turkey. The fan joked that she knew she had liked Alina and that their shared love of Mariah Carey confirmed it. Alina reposted the story to her own Instagram and added that the book was “the best gift ever” with lots of hearts and love emojis.

90 Day fiance Alina gushes over Caleb's gift

90 Day Fiance’s Alina gushes over Caleb’s gift Credit:@alinakasha/Instagram

What can we say, things are looking great for these two! While fans had initially expressed concern over the couple’s rocky start and the awkward first night, the passionate kiss and makeout session the two shared in their hotel room on their second night, seemed to put some of that to rest. After carrying Alina up the staircase, Caleb placed Alina on the tv stand and just…went for it! The couple shared their very first kiss and maybe a little more? At this point, Alina and Caleb appear to be going strong on both the show so far and in their life post-show.  And come on, that first kiss was so hot, how could these two not be headed for a steamy romance?

90 Day Fiance's Caleb leans in for a kiss

90 Day Fiance’s Caleb leans in for his first kiss with Alina. Credit: TLC

Yes, things are certainly heating up for the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fan-favorite couple Caleb and Alina. And as far as we can tell these two have no intention of slowing things down as all signs point to these two lovebirds as still living out their happily ever after.