Meghan King Slams Child Neglect Accusations, Says She was in “Denial” During Marriage to Ex Jim Edmonds, Plus RHOC Alum Launches YouTube Series

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RHOC Alum Meghan King Says She was in “Denial” During Marriage to Jim Edmonds in her new YouTube Channel, Plus Defends Herself Against Online Trolls Accusing her of Child Abuse

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King is stepping back in time with her newly launched YouTube channel, where she will be reliving and commentating on her past episodes of the show.

Her announcement came on Monday as the newly single mom-of-three is coming off of a divorce from President Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens.

It looks like Meghan, 37, is looking for a fresh start, and she is promising to share “all of those hilarious, dramatic, and sometimes cringe-inducing moments,” according to Page Six.

Meghan also is planning to dig deeper into her infamous “detective work” with Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayer’s “fake cancer scandal,” and she plans to give behind-the-scenes context to some iconic RHOC moments.

In a new clip, acquired from Page Six, Meghan can be seen claiming she was in “denial” over her former marriage to Jim Edmonds, and she says she is so excited to have her original surname back.

“Oh yeah, I forgot my name is [was] Edmonds,” she said while rewatching the show. “Thank god it’s not [Edmonds] anymore, ugh,” she said.

In other news, Meghan is defending her parenting skills against fans/online trolls who are calling her out for “abuse” for leaving one of her children, who has special needs, in the car while getting ice cream for her other two kids.

Meghan took to the comment section to call out those who are insinuating that she is not a good mother as “gross” and “mom shaming.”

“Gross people. You are gross. My son has special needs and was biting, throwing, and kicking my other kids while I took them all for a special ice cream treat after school,” she wrote.

Meghan elaborated, “Instead of ruining the day for my other two kids I put Hart in a ‘time-out’ in the car (it was on with the heat cranking) and finished up ice cream with my other two for about ten minutes. Hart was in my eyeshot and it was in my neighborhood.”

She also added that there was “zero abuse,” and she said, “Shame on you for suggesting this. Anyone who has a child with special needs knows the struggle of trying to function in society with meltdowns, but I do it for the sake of my other children.”

Meghan concluded her defense by saying, “My children are my pride and joy, and I would never, ever put them in danger and it’s disgraceful that someone is suggesting this.”

Meghan’s new YouTube series premieres on Friday.