RHOC’s Meghan King Dating Again After Split From Cuffe Owens, Says He Had Little “Impact” on Her Kids’ Lives and Admits it Was “Stupid” to Marry Him

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RHOC's Meghan King Dating Again After Split with Cuffe Owens, Says Ex Had Little “Impact” on Her Children’s Lives

Just over a month ago, Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King split with husband Cuffe Owens, the nephew of President Joe Biden.

Their romance was highly publicized, and the president himself was in attendance at the wedding.

On the Two T’s In A Pod podcast with co-star Tamra Judge, Meghan revealed that she’s now “going on dates” with other people.

“I was married,” she said. “But it was such a whirlwind, and from start to finish with him was only three months, which was just stupid of me to marry him, but I did.”

She went on to say, “It feels like a three-month dating relationship that was an abrupt start and an abrupt end.”

Meghan then shared how helpful her therapist has been: “I’m talking to my therapist about it, and she’s like, ‘Meg, you’re fine. It seems like it should be serious because you put the title ‘marriage’ on it, but it wasn’t.’”

“I learned a lesson, and it’s time to move on,” she added. “I think about it as a memory, and I’m sad it didn’t work out, I had hopes for it, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten married … but it’s fine. It literally feels like a nostalgic memory of some sort.”

The star also told Us Weekly that she has “no rules” about introducing her kids to her romantic partners.

“They’ve only met two,” she said. “They’ve only met Christian [Schauf], who I dated in Park City, [Utah]. I dated him for a while and he was my first boyfriend [after divorce from Jim Edmonds]. That was a lot of fun.”

She also said her time with Cuffe didn’t affect her children that much: “I was married to [him] and he lived with me and obviously they had to meet him. But that was a quick relationship, so I don’t think [he] made any kind of deep impact on their lives.”

The RHOC alum hasn’t made “any decisions” when it comes to introducing her children to significant others. Right now in her dating life, she isn’t looking for anything “serious.”

“I’m on Raya every now and then,” she said. “I usually deactivate it because it’s annoying, but … I get set up. I’m not focusing on dating. It’s just fun if it’s there. … It’s not a big deal.”

The star revealed she’s “done” with married life. Her breakup with Cuffe taught her to “slow it down” and “take it slow.”

Now, she’s looking for someone with “stability” in his finances and work schedule, and she’d like “somebody who has a similar lifestyle. I would prefer someone with children this time. I thought I didn’t before, but now I do.”