RHOSLC Reunion Recap: Heather Accuses Lisa of Faking Her Lifestyle as Cast Agrees Lisa is the Biggest “Pot Stirrer,” Plus Jennie Defends Her “Blaccent” and Meredith Apologizes to Jen

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RHOSLC Reunion Recap: Heather Accuses Lisa of Faking Her Lifestyle as Cast Agrees Lisa is the Biggest “Pot Stirrer,” Plus Jennie Defends Her “Blaccent” and Meredith Apologizes to Jen

On the first part of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City reunion, even though Mary is not there, she is the topic of a heated discussion, which leads to some head-butting and serious explanations from the women. Heather comes in hot and doesn’t hold back, especially when it comes to Lisa‘s actions this season.

Before the drama unfolds on set, Bravo had a disclaimer that said the reunion was taped prior to Jennie‘s social media rants and subsequent firing, SO Jennie is there in her figure skater ensemble. Seems like these ladies took their lewks to another level — lotsa feathers, lotsa gloves, and lotsa jewel tones. During glam, Andy pays a visit to Jen to let her know, “We did not give Erika any questions in advance,” and he makes it clear that Jen did not get the short end of the stick. Gotta keep all the Bravoleb “criminals” on the same level, ya know?

Andy says hi to all the ladies on set, and when he welcomes Jennie to her first reunion, I wish they could have edited in *and your last, * but I digress. Mary has chosen not to join the ladies because she was upset about everyone talking behind her back regarding her church. She was unhappy that Whitney called her a “predator,” and to that Whitney retorts that she wishes Mary was there to discuss the situation. The women agree that Mary has “moments” of great wisdom, and they wish Mary was there to support Meredith, her ride or die this season.

Andy begins by getting right down to business with Jen. He reads off her list of charges (to which she looks shocked), and we learn that Jen could potentially be in prison for almost 50 years if found guilty on all counts. Jen calls it devastating and heartbreaking. She explains that because she is innocent, she needs to tell her story and therefore would not quit the show. The trial is scheduled for March 22, and she will be in New York for it, but she will not be wearing her purple feathered look for the event…

We revisit Jen’s apology tour this season, and Heather believes that Jen is deeply sorry for saying terrible things about her. Jen feels as though she has always been the one called out for her bad behavior, and Heather surprisingly defends Jen’s mean words. Heather states she’d rather be called Shrek by Jen than have a friend of 10 years say the stuff Lisa said about Meredith. Heather is starting early and going for the jugular.

Lisa tries to defend herself by stating those hurtful things about Meredith came out in a rage, but Heather says that Lisa Barlow has finally revealed herself. The curtains have been pulled back and it’s “very ugly.”

Meredith claims she is trying to get to a “peaceful space” and apologizes to Jen right off the bat. Lisa rolls her eyes in disgust, and Meredith becomes emotional about some other stuff that she has been dealing with. Meredith states that she has had some very serious issues going on within her family. She tells us all that she was in a state of “immense pain,” which would explain why her behavior appeared so amplified this season. Meredith shares that she was emotionally devastated, and Jen understands where Meredith is coming from.

Meredith states that Jen was pretty kind at the end of the day. Jen understood that Meredith wasn’t herself, but Lisa can’t handle this make-up. Andy asks if Jen treated Meredith better than Lisa did, and Lisa reminds Jen and Meredith that their rift cannot be fixed as quickly as this. Lisa is frustrated that she is held to a different bar than everyone else when she makes a mistake. It’s like Lisa enjoys when Meredith and Jen are butting heads and would rather have Meredith run to her out of necessity.

The Jennie segments just need to go, especially as she talks about diversity and living in America. Lisa jumps in and explains why Jennie was a good addition, but Meredith makes it clear that Jennie had “a lot to say.” Translation: Jennie came in too hot. Heather and Whitney feel as though Lisa manipulated Jennie to do her dirty work this season, but Jennie vehemently denies this. Lisa claims that Heather is “narrating” her and she does not like it. Lisa jumps in to talk to bad Wheather and makes it clear that she has no tactics and does not control people or their actions.

Andy turns the subject to Mary’s racial comments this season to Jennie and Jen. Jennie believes that minorities are supposed to support each other, so she was shocked Mary said what she did about her eyes and used an accent to act like her. Seems awkward that they are now talking about the racism Jennie received from Mary, doesn’t it? This is certainly not aging well…

Meredith believes that she handled the prejudicial comments made by Mary the way she did because she got nervous and was looking at Jennie for cues. Even Heather gets thrown in the mix for telling Jennie she looked like an anime character. Meredith regrets the moment with Jennie, but she believes she did not support Mary as hard as the other women seem to think she did.

Meredith goes in on Jennie and feels as though Jennie hardly knew her before she made judgments about her character. Meredith does not appreciate Jennie’s questioning and stirring of the pot, and as she rips Jennie a new one, Andy sits smugly in his chair.

Andy questions why Jennie would use a “black accent” around Mary and wonder if it’s “hypocritical to reprimand Mary” for being rude with her comments by being violent and throwing a glass. Heather comes out and says that she thinks something inside of Mary is racist, and Jennie states that “everyone is capable of being racist.” Oooph. Talk about famous last words…

By a show of hands, most of the women believe that Lisa is the pot-stirrer of the group. Meredith believes that she was played a fool, but Lisa thinks *she* was, too. Interesting. Lisa whips out a folder when asked about the Angie incident and shows Andy a timeline with receipts. Heather believes that Angie is the only person who has stood up to Lisa and that is why Lisa has beef with Angie. Lisa makes it clear that she doesn’t meddle in people’s friendships, and it doesn’t make sense for Lisa to try and sabotage her friend of over 20 years.

Lisa states that she is happy that Heather and Whitney are friendly with Angie, and then Heather goes low. She tells Lisa that Angie paid for the boat they were on — she didn’t just rent it to take pictures and the group enjoyed “the spoils of it all” courtesy of Angie. Heather keeps saying that Lisa is faking her lifestyle and that Lisa is a “caricature of a teen magazine she read on how to be a cool mean girl.” Lisa angrily spits out that Heather has a DUI and *that* is a topic we need to revisit… but alas, Andy shuts it down and moves on.

For another time, Lisa becomes the topic. Everyone believes that Lisa spilled the beans about the not-to-be-mentioned name (Jen’s former employee and designer) because Lisa was attempting to stop a friendship between Jen and Whitney. Jen states that she was extremely hurt, and she feels as though Lisa was two-faced. The Fresh Wolf party guest list comes up, and Lisa tells Andy that Jack and Henry did not invite Whitney, but she added her to the guest list. What is interesting is that she did not invite Jen. Lisa tells them that her son overheard them arguing and became upset over it. However, despite all of the hiccups, Lisa states, “I love Jen Shah, controversial as it is…” Disgusted, Jen is tired of Lisa’s disclaimers and calls it BS. To be continued…