RHOC Recap: Emily Tells Gina Shannon Wants Her to “Stick a Pin” in Her Ego and Jen Struggles With Her Marriage to Ryne

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RHOC Recap: Emily Tells Gina Shannon Wants Her to "Stick a Pin" in Her Ego and Jen Struggles With Her Marriage to Ryne

It’s a competition of the coasts, and jealousy seems to be the theme of this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather and Gina are taking on New York via private jet, and Shannon‘s insides are crawling over this newfound friendship…

Emily and Jen have just completed a beach workout and they discuss the upcoming cooking class that Shannon will be hosting. Shannon finds it horrendous that none of these women cook, and so she has invited the ladies over to learn some healthy, easy recipes. The topic of Jen’s husband, Ryne, surfaces, and Jen states that she is not sure if things are better. Jen explains that Ryne wants to be equal partners with Jen and that he has high hopes of owning things equally together (whatever that means).

Jen decides she wants to try and fix things before just giving up on their marriage. However, I think she should start seeking Emily’s legal advice — sounds to me like Ryne is slowly trying to sink his teeth into Jen’s assets… “equally” of course.

Heather and her crew have arrived in New York. The trip starts out at Syracuse, Heather’s alma mater. The goal of the first leg is to take her twins, Max and Nicky, on a tour of her old stomping grounds. Heather staying in a Sheraton is everything — loving that this town forces Fancy Pants to come down a few pegs.

Heather takes Gina on a ‘Cuse walking tour, and she explains that it has been 31 years since she has been back. All the memories are coming back to Heather, and it’s incredible seeing those two rolling up to the college bar. Heather, as always, has the time spent in Syracuse planned down to the minute, and so she fills Gina in on what’s to happen the next day. Apparently, when the alumni association found out Heather was coming to the school with her kids, they asked if Heather could do a live podcast on campus (jury’s still out if this is how this went down, but I digress), and so Gina is free to do her own thing while Heather is podding it up.

Over in the OC, Shannon preps for the women who don’t know how to cook —  Emily, Jen, and Noella. Shannon is hoping to convert these ladies into chefs, and so she is going into full costume for the event, up to and including hairnets for safety. Emily, Jen, and Noella look like students in lab coats watching the mad scientist whip together a Crockpot meal. Noella compares cooking to giving a blow job: “I can do it if I want to… it’s just…”

In the meantime, Heather’s kids get a private tour (who gets that?!), and Heather pops into her sorority house, where there’s a painted sheet welcoming her. Ah, college. The Syracuse live podcast is popping off, and Heather begins spilling her “real experience” during college. Heather shares that she entered the Miss Syracuse pageant and a question occurred to me: What DOESN’T this lady do? After the event, they all jet off to Manhattan and leave Syracuse behind. What a life.

While dining on their questionably edible food that they cooked, Shannon decides it would be great to call Heather, but Shan gets F U buttoned by her. Whoops. Could it possibly be that Heather and Gina are having way more fun in their Manhattan hotel? After a few beats, the besties call the chefs back to rub it in their faces that the NYC nightlife is way better than grilling shrimp.

After the call ends, Shannon brings up how irritated she is that Gina thinks she is jealous of Gina’s relationship with Heather. Emily believes that Gina is allowed to feel good about herself considering all of the sh*t she’s been through. But of course, Shannon thinks Gina’s ‘tude sucks.

As the dinner wraps up, Jen lets Shannon know that she needs to head out since Ryne may be moving out for a month and things between them are still rocky.  Under her breath, Noella scoffs, “Don’t we all have stuff that we are dealing with?” Jesus, Noella. We had to hear all of your drama for the past five episodes… let Jen do what she has to!

Once Jen leaves, in an attempt to look like they are having more fun than Gina and Heather in NYC, Shannon declares the ladies must get in the pool. Naturally, Noella jumps in topless, and even Archie jumps in for a dip. Someone should tell Noella that she can yell all she wants, but it still doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of fun happening there. The next morning, Shannon’s house looks like a frat party took over, and in the words of Shannon, “My house is a crime scene.”

Later, Jen invites the couple’s counselor into her home to discuss the challenges she is currently facing with Ryne. Jen explains that she is comfortable with this counselor since they have already gone through her relationship bootcamp (that didn’t work, huh?). Jen immediately becomes emotional and states that she feels rejected and is too hard on herself. Jen is trying too hard to hang onto Ryne, and she claims she cannot lose another man in her life.

It’s dinner time in New York, and it’s also an opportunity for a family reunion. Heather’s mom and aunt join Gina, Heather, and her children, and we learn very quickly that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Heather.  From the moment Heather’s mom took her seat, she was pretentious and even had a problem with the way the table was set. Gina understands that Heather is a carbon copy of her mother.

It’s so funny to see the difference between Heather’s mom and Gina’s parents. They are MUCH more easygoing and beam proudly as they sit beside Gina. The intensity of Heather’s mom is extreme and it’s giving me anxiety — I can’t imagine what it’s doing to Gina and her normal fam.

Post family dinner, Heather and Gina sidle up to the hotel bar and chat. Heather and Gina FaceTime Emily and tear her away from what I presume must be a riveting date with Shane. Heather and Gina learn all about the night before at Shannon’s when the ladies had their late-night pool escapade, and they also learn a little more.

Emily explains that Shannon brought up how she is NOT jealous of Gina and Heather’s relationship, but the more Shannon denies this AND talks about it, the more jealous Shannon seems. Emily spared no detail and even told Gina that Shannon said Gina needs to put a pin in her ego… a phrase she has repeated numerous times. Emily shares that Shannon can’t be happy for Gina, and now that Gina has good self-esteem, Shannon is over it. Gina muses, “Apparently she’s the only one who is allowed to do well.”  Emily further shares that Shannon tried to make their night more fun, and Heather is unimpressed by this weird competitiveness. The problem now is what to do with Shannon and her comments when they return to the West Coast…