RHONY’s Jill Zarin Shades Erika Jayne Amid Legal Drama, Plus If She Believes Erika Knew of Tom’s Alleged Embezzlement

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Jill Zarin Talks Erika Jayne’s “Gross” Spending and Legal Saga, Plus If She Believes Erika Knew of Tom’s Alleged Embezzlement

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Anyone who isn’t living under a rock knows Erika Jayne is facing some legal battles. In late 2020, her husband Tom Girardi was accused of embezzling money from his former clients. One month earlier, Erika packed her bags and left him.

Last season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the pop star was dragged through the mud by her castmates. During the season reunion, host Andy Cohen seemed to brag he would “put [her] on a skewer, and I’m gonna fire up the barbecue.”

During a recent interview on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, a former castmate from Real Housewives of New York unleashed her thoughts about the Erika drama. The host asked Jill Zarin what she would have done if she were in Erika’s position during season 11 of RHOBH.

“I would’ve given back all my Birkin’s, I would have sold them all,” Jill responded. “Like, the minute this whole thing happened, just the visibility of my gross spending, and it is gross… I’m a rich girl, and I could have whatever I want, it’s gross. I mean, just the amount of stuff, the amount of hoarding, the amount of crap. How much can you wear?”

She went on to say, “When this came out that that money was ill-gotten, and I’m not saying that she knew about it, I believe that she completely didn’t know about it, I think she married a rich guy.”

“She married a rich guy who gave her a platinum credit card and said go spend $10 million!” Jill added. “And so she did, and she should, but once she found out… I would definitely sell my jewelry, I mean, I would try to do something for these victims, even if it’s just, I hate to say it, even if it’s just for show.”

Even though Erika hasn’t been convicted of a crime, many fans are convinced she knew about her husband’s misdeeds. Most castmates on the franchise, however, seem to agree with Jill.