‘RHONJ’ Teresa Guidice Confronts Traci Lynn Johnson Over ‘Mistress’ Rumors, Asks if She Was the Nanny Who “Broke Up a Family”

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‘RHONJ’ Teresa Guidice Confronts Traci Lynn Johnson Over Tiki Asking Luis Questions, Brings Up Rumor She Was the Nanny Who “Broke Up a Family”

NFL star Tiki Barber is on the sidelines of a new project – his wife’s reality career. But after joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the running back proved he can sling mud like the best of them.

Sipping cocktails with the boys, Tiki launched a shady question at Luis Ruelas, his new buddy. Why, he asked, was Luis swimming in accusations of physical violence? In response, Luis blamed it on an ex (who allegedly was lying, and allegedly stabbed her husband with a butcher knife).

Luis didn’t mind addressing the allegations, but his fiancé Teresa Giudice was livid. Still to this day, she believes Tiki was doing his wife’s “dirty work.”

According to a clip from an upcoming episode, Teresa confronted Traci in the middle of the woods. “You’re asking your husband to ask my boyfriend questions,” she snapped.

When Traci asked what Teresa was talking about, Teresa responded, “Did I stutter?”

The 35-year-old replied, “I may be asking questions to my husband, [but] I never asked him to ask anything, and he will never in a million years listen to what I say.”

Traci continued, “But why do you care that [Tiki’s] asking a question that’s out there?”

Teresa, at this point, pulled out a card no one expected: “There’s stuff out there about you, that you were the nanny, that you broke up a family. Do I ask those questions?”

Meanwhile, a headline flashed on the screen, “Tiki Barber’s mistress Traci Johnson posed as his babysitter.”

According to reports, Traci met Tiki in 2007, while she was interning for NBC. They claim their relationship began after Tiki separated from his then-wife, who was pregnant with twins.

In the Bravo clip, Traci defended herself, saying, “I wasn’t the nanny! But I don’t have a problem when someone asks me that. You have a problem when people ask you questions about your boyfriend.”

“No I don’t!” Teresa replied. She quickly changed her mind though, saying, “Nobody needs to ask me any questions.”

Then, Teresa hinted that another co-star was the mastermind, Margaret Josephs, who was also present in the woods. In response, Margaret stood up from the table and started screaming in disagreement.

Teresa mimicked Margaret’s voice, and explained she was in a “love bubble” that Margaret wanted to “pop.”

As Teresa stormed off, she attempted to plug her workout line – The Love Connection by Teresa Giudice – before mimicking Margaret’s voice again, and telling her to “shut up.”

One might ask, ‘Why were the women in such a bizarre location?’ Of course, there’s a logical explanation. Traci wanted to blindfold everyone in the middle of the woods, and force them to climb trees together. This, she was certain, would help improve their communication skills.