Here’s the Real Reason for Ben Rathbun’s Shocking Arrest as 90 Day Fiancé Star’s Legal Issues are Revealed

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Here’s the Real Reason Behind 90 Day Fiancé’s Ben Rathbun's Shocking Arrest

Fans were shocked when 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day’s Ben Rathbun, a former pastor, was arrested for what was originally thought to be a drunk driving charge, or an “OUI” (Operating Under the Influence), as it is called in his home state of Michigan. But it turns out there is a little more to the story of the 52-year-old father of four’s arrest.

While the 90 Day Fiance season began with many fans feeling that Ben’s long-distance, alleged 23-year-old Peruvian girlfriend Mahogany Roca might have been hiding some things, it turns out Ben has a lot more secrets of his own.

When Ben first arrived in Peru, his girlfriend, Mahogany (who’s 30 years his junior), did not show up at the airport to pick him up as was arranged. At this point, many fans felt that with this — along with the fact that Mahogany and Ben had never video chatted — all signs pointed to Mahogany being a catfish (someone scamming Ben for his money). When Mahogany finally appeared on the show, she was two years younger than she had said, looked very different than her pictures, and claimed to live in an apartment that was clearly some sort of Airbnb situation. It seemed like Mahogany had a lot of secrets, but it turns out, Ben had even more secrets than Mahogany!

It turns out Ben’s most recent arrest was actually in connection to a previous arrest that occurred back in 2020 for an “OUI” and suspended license, according to an update from TMZ‘s arrest article. Apparently, Ben’s initial arrest in 2020 turned into a probation sentence of 18 months that began in January 2021. Ben then had a probation hearing that he did not show up for. This caused the judge to issue a bench warrant, leading to his recent arrest and an 18-hour jail stay.

It turns out Mahogany wasn’t the only one hiding a few things in the relationship. Ben has never exactly been a fan favorite due to what many considered his “creepy” demeanor and “manipulative” approach to dating a girl 30 years his junior and the age of his daughter. Some fans even went so far as to call Ben a “predator.” And Ben’s recent arrest just added fuel to fans’ fire. Both he and Mahogany took down their social media during the backlash, and neither has commented on the recent arrest. It does not seem that the couple remains together, but we are curious just what Mahogany thinks about finding out even more secrets about Ben’s past.