RHOC Recap: Noella Accuses Heather of Slamming Someone Against a Wall, Shannon and Emily Butt Heads, Plus Jen Says She Was Engaged 7 Times

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RHOC Recap: Noella and Heather Butt Heads- Did Heather Slam Someone Against a Wall?; Shannon Takes on the Role of Peace Maker and Emily Admits to Being a Sh*t Stirrer; Plus, Dr. Jen was Engaged 7 Times?!

Aspen: A chance for the women of the Real Housewives of Orange County to “cool off in cooler weather.”  Emily‘s hoping that a change of scenery is just what this group needs to mend relationships and have some fun, but things are def going to take a wrong turn pretty early on.

As Shannon packs for Aspen, John looks on and reminds her of the cold temperatures awaiting her, as if it is a surprise that Colorado will be colder than Orange County. Shannon decides that, despite the recent hiccups, she will be cordial with Gina and hopes that the trip will be smooth.

After a private plane ride, the women pack into a Sprinter Van (could it be THE van from RHOSLC?!), and Emily explains the fun that awaits them at the house: IVs and oxygen…ya know, to get used to the altitude, especially after all that champagne. The house Emily has booked is epic — the inside is stunning! There’s a bowling alley built into a mine and a helluva water feature for the group to enjoy.

The architectural beauty of the home gets pushed aside when it is time to pick rooms. Noella spits out, “My dad did just die…” in an attempt to try and get one of the two master bedrooms, and honestly, how do you even respond to that?! Heather gets shafted and sucks it up because it means Noella gets what she wants… and we all know that if Noella gets what she wants, she is more bearable (at least for a small amount of time).

The ladies get hooked up to the IVs and settle in after dropping their luggage in their newly assigned rooms. Leave it to Emily to ask for a sandwich during the process.  A girl after my own heart. As Jen fills out the emergency paperwork needed for the trip, she wonders out loud if she should even put Ryne as her emergency contact. To that, Emily retorts, “I feel like you need to rethink your marriage if your husband is not your emergency contact.” Seems like everyone is getting pretty tired of hearing about Jen’s marriage…

As night falls, everyone gets jazzed up for a dinner out. Side note: Noella had THE biggest spider (yes, a real spider) in her hair. If I were staying in that house, I would never sleep again!

While sitting around the dinner table at the restaurant, Emily suggests a game called “tell me something about you I don’t know.” Heather shares she has ugly feet. Boring. Shannon discloses her embarrassing story about her first car… which happened to be some flashy Gucci car. And Gina talks about her embarrassing story where she was trying to get in the back seat of a four-door car. BUT. Dr. Jen takes the cake when she lets the women know she was engaged seven times.  WOAH. Makes ya wonder why she decided to stick with that winner Ryne, huh?

When the food arrives, they decide to play the first impressions game. Of course, Emily, ever the sh*t stirrer, is leading the charge. Heather makes it clear that, at the end of the day, all the ladies are mothers and there is room for everyone to do well.  Heather also states that she does not like sh*t stirrers, and almost on cue, Shannon butts in to say that sometimes Emily is a bit of a sh*t stirrer.

Shannon is still salty that Emily told Heather and Gina that Shannon was trying to beat the ladies and have a more fun night in the OC. Emily gets hot with Shannon and demands that Shannon own that it was a little competitive. Gina thinks it’s ridiculous that Shannon wanted to “out-fun” Heather and Gina in NY, and Heather has her own ax to grind on this topic.

Heather is annoyed not because Shannon wanted to “out-fun” them, but because Shannon was not calling to see how Heather’s live podcast went. When Shannon tells Heather she didn’t know her itinerary and starts to apologize, Noella butts in and tells Shannon, “You’re taking way too many bullets on this one.” Kinda have to agree with Noella here. Of course, that rubs Heather the wrong way, and so she tells Noella, “You don’t know us,” and that there is “an art to conversation.” Noella scoffs at Heather and wonders how she could ever get through life prior to knowing that information.

Shannon thinks her phone call was a kind move, but Heather insists that Shannon see it from her point of view. Shannon apologizes and gets upset because she is overwhelmed and has zero assistance. She is tired of people saying she isn’t doing enough, and Heather interjects *still* to try and make her point about Shannon missing out on her live show.

Shannon turns to Emily and wants to know why she would ever tell Heather and Gina she was trying to be competitive, and Noella claims that she relates to Shannon’s “big, juicy, yummy heart.”  Noella believes that Gina says hurtful things and so she has a harder time defending her.

OF COURSE, Heather jumps in to defend her bestie, Gina, and she reminds Noella she is no saint. When Noella feigns to remember anything she could have ever said that is hurtful, Heather muses, “Oh I don’t know…that I slam people against the walls?” Noella claims to have seen Heather push a camera and go off on everyone at Heather’s party, which is a pretty heavy allegation. Heather does not appreciate Noella’s fabricated BS and Gina jumps to Heather’s defense.

Noella, feeling the pressure, spits out, “Just because I didn’t see it with my own eyes doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Oh, Noella. Noella is trying to hold Heather accountable and ask for some backup from the table, particularly from Emily. When Noella tries to rope Emily into knowing the allegation of assault, Emily flips out. She refuses to be a part of Noella’s storyline and Emily runs after Heather, who has since excused herself from the disaster of a dinner.

Heather tells Emily, “If I call Terry right now, he will have a jet here in the morning.” What. A. Life. Emily tries to get Heather to stay because if she were to leave, Noella will think that she won. Back at the table, Noella continues to state that she did not lie and that she is not there to tear down women.  She is so contradictory.

As they load into the Sprinter Van, Noella apologizes for making it awkward, but she won’t apologize to Heather for making those statements. Heather reminds Noella you cannot make up facts. Shannon attempts to explain how she can see where Noella is coming from and reminds Emily that she, too, has repeated rumors in her past (i.e., the one about John being drunk at a golf tournament).

Feeling the heat, Emily tries to deflect and calls out Noella for her innocent act, but Shannon is there to remind Emily that she causes problems, too. Heather tells Noella to shut up, and Jen is stuck in the middle of the two bickering women. The poor van driver.

Back at the house, Shannon makes it clear that they do not need to be best friends, but perhaps they could learn how to be cordial. Heather pulls everyone but Noella aside and demands to have more support from the group. Shannon is feeling pressure from Heather, but she also understands where Noella is coming from. Heather attempts to show Shannon how untruths can be damaging, but Shannon chooses to be the peacemaker at this point in her life. Heather tells the women that she demands Noella admit what she was saying is a lie AND apologize.

When Noella walks into the room, she asks for some help from the audience to get through to Heather. Shannon attempts to talk some sense into Noella, and Heather looks on like a proud coach. Noella wants to have a one-on-one conversation with Heather, and as the duo sits down to settle the score, Heather stares icily at Noella. If looks could kill… and it’s only NIGHT ONE of this trip… To be continued.