Andy Cohen Apologizes to Nurses After Offensive Comment on WWHL as Fans React, Plus Reveals All-Time Favorite Housewives Side-Character

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Andy Cohen Apologizes to Nurses Worldwide After Offensive Comment on WWHL as Fans React

Bravo head-honcho Andy Cohen can just go ahead and give himself the title “Jackhole of the Day” for the next few months after he made some very insensitive and derogatory remarks about nurses.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy had Summer House’s Ciara Miller as a guest, who also happens to be a registered nurse.

Upon learning of the revelation Andy asked, “You’re actually a nurse?” He continued by saying, “And this is what you look like? Wow!”

This obviously caused some major backlash from fans and nurses across the nation. Why is it such a shock that a nurse can be attractive, Andy?

Bravo producers were very quick to notice the backlash that Andy’s comment was going to instigate, and he quickly apologized later in the show.

“Just wanna say before we go on, I have offended the nurses of America and internationally. I apologize,” he said. “I was merely mentioning that Ciara looks like a supermodel. I know that many nurses look… it’s no condemnation of nurses.”

Eh, trouble finding your words there?

Ciara was quick to jump in and correct him by saying, “ALL nurses are hot!”

Still, viewers weren’t happy.

In other news, Andy did a one-on-one Q&A with his WWHL audience recently and dished on some Real Housewives and favorite side characters from the shows.

When asked why he chose Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais to be by his side at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, he said he “always knew” he wanted to have the RHOBH stars there just for the sheer fact that they’re nearby, and he wouldn’t have to “fly anyone in” and explain to other housewives, “Why them and not me?” He also said that he would have loved to have OG Kyle Richards there, but she was away filming for Halloween Ends.

As for his favorite side characters from the franchises, Andy said RHONJ probably takes the cake on that.

“Well, Jersey is really the land of the side characters,”  Andy said as he went on to mention his love for Kim D., Kim G., and Rosie Pierri.

But the official title of his favorite side character actually went to RHOA’s Dwight Eubanks.

“Dwight on Atlanta was amazing,” Andy said. “It might be Dwight.”

He also surprisingly revealed that if he were to give his gay “Gold Star” away, he without hesitation named Joanna Krupa from RHOM.

After being asked about how he deals with the housewives, especially on reunion days, he good-humoredly responded, “I think about the check I’m going to get.”

Better stop offending viewers or those checks may start to feel a little lighter, Andy.