Kyle Richards Talks Mauricio’s DMs From Women, What Part of RHOBH is “Torture,” Ultimate Girls Trip and Teases Jamie Lee Curtis on RHOBH

by Adam Ragsdale
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Kyle Richards Talks Mauricio’s DMs from Other Women, Ultimate Girls Trip and Teases Jamie Lee Curtis on RHOBH

Kyle Richards and Melissa Gorga are Bravo buddies from opposite coasts. Kyle (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) got closer to Melissa (Real Housewives of New Jersey) as they met up for the spin-off, Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Both women are now seasoned reality stars, and they know the difficulty of navigating such a dramatic world.

On Melissa’s podcast, “Melissa Gorga On Display,” the stars revealed what it was like to have handsome husbands in the public eye. Kyle said Mauricio used to be her “best kept secret,” until the show spotlighted him.

The mother-of-four recalled a time – while looking through Mauricio’s phone – when she read his DMs on Instagram. Certain women, she said, were sending him messages, wanting to meet up. Kyle revealed she was “mad at him … but he didn’t even know about the DM.”

She decided to delete the messages and block the women. “I will literally cut [them],” Kyle joked. Melissa revealed that she sometimes gets weird messages from men, including a guy who wanted to “suck [her] toes.”

The stars also discussed Ultimate Girls Trip, which was a mashup of ‘fan favorites’ from the franchise.

Melissa said she received a terrible room, which was basically a “closet.” Kyle said her own room was probably “the second worst,” and expressed, “When they were all fighting and Ramona was running around and doing that whole thing she was doing trying to get the best room, I was just like, ‘I can’t even get involved in that.’”

Kyle taught Melissa some beauty tips on the trip: “I learned how to bling my whole body up [with body makeup],” said Melissa. “Kyle buffs it in with a little buffer. It’s pretty amazing. Now I’m addicted to it.”

Kyle was shocked at how different it was to film RHUGT (compared to RHOBH), because the women had hardly any breaks. Kyle once was taking a shower when the producers walked past, in order to film Melissa.

The ‘OG’ said Denise Richards expected higher standards when she first appeared on RHOBH. According to Kyle, Denise kept asking where the “craft services” were. “At first I thought she was joking,” expressed Kyle. “And then I’m like, ‘Honey there are no craft services. [If] you want some snacks, you’re gonna have to put them in your purse.”

Kyle also revealed that Halloween‘s Jamie Lee Curtis “shows up on the Housewives this season … and not in a little way either. Just, uh, it’s not just a ‘high and bye’ … We had lunch with just Jamie and the girls at my house.”

Kyle said Jamie wasn’t accustomed to the reality scene, and she kept “talking into the camera.” Jamie, however, was “entertained” by the women’s drama, though she had to ask Kyle if it was real.

Melissa and Kyle agreed that it’s “torture” to do confessional interviews for the show, because they last up to “six hours.” Even now, according to the podcast, Melissa is still doing interviewers for RHONJ season 12 (though many of the episodes have already aired).

The confessionals are about “rehashing,” said Melissa. “I’m like, ‘I don’t even want to talk about this b***h again.'”

Kyle revealed her first celebrity crush was “Tom Cruise,” but the best decision she ever made was “marrying [her] husband.”

She shared that her biggest pet peeve is lying. “I cannot take a lie,” she said. “Someone lies, small or whatever, it’s like, ‘You’re dead to me.’ I can’t take it. And when you know someone lies and they get away with hit, it gives me rage … I’ve been accused of a lot of things, but never lying.”

Interestingly, Kyle’s next story was about a lie she once told.

During a date with a guy she didn’t like, Kyle told him she got “stung by a bee cause I’m so allergic. He then told [someone else], ‘I don’t know why she had to make up such a lie like that.'”

One thing people don’t know about Kyle is that she’s “scared of the dark,” probably because she worked on so many “horror” films. “I’d rather die of dehydration than go down to the kitchen by myself [to get some water],” she explained. “Because I assume someone’s waiting there with a knife, under the kitchen sink.”

Another secret is that she meditates daily: “It really does change your whole mindset for the day.”