‘RHOSLC’ Jen Shah Accused of “Withholding Evidence” in Fraud Case Ahead of July Trial as Her Legal Team Responds

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Government Accuses Jen Shah Of “Withholding Evidence” Ahead Of July 11 Trial

Jen Shah has been accused of running a telemarketing scam since 2012. In March 2021, she was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. If the mother-of-two is convicted, she could face up to 50 years behind bars.

Throughout her legal saga, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star has maintained her innocence. Additionally, Jen is choosing to go to trial rather than take a plea deal.

According to legal documents obtained by The Sun, the government claims Jen is “withholding evidence” as her July 11 trial approaches. In a letter to a judge, the prosecutors ask that Jen be forced to provide the requested materials.

The prosecutors say they’ve requested the evidence three times, and they received the following answer: “At this time, we have nothing to provide the government.”

During a status conference in May, the government said Jen “intends to put on a two-week case-in-chief at trial, strongly suggesting that the defendant possesses documents or evidence that she intends to offer at trial.”

So far, according to the government, the materials have not been provided.

The court docs stated, “Although the Government first requested reciprocal discovery more than a year ago and trial is less than six weeks away, the defendant has produced no reciprocal discovery materials in response to the Government’s request and has failed to respond substantively to the Government’s most recent request for such materials.”

“Accordingly, the Court should require the defendant to produce all documents and evidence.”

In response, Jen’s legal team wrote a letter of their own, telling the judge they have “nothing further to provide.” The document claimed she “provided the Government with an expert witness disclosure and two supplemental disclosures.”

The letter added, “Again, as we have told the Government, we will promptly provide any items which Ms. Shah intends to use in her case-in-chief at trial which are within Ms. Shah’s possession, custody, or control.”