Jen Shah’s Last Co-Defendant Changes Plea to Guilty as RHOSLC Star is Headed to Trial in March, What Does This Mean for Her?

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Jen Shah’s Last Co-Defendant Changes Plea to Guilty as RHOLC Star is Headed to Trial in March, What Does This Mean for Her?

Jen Shah is headed to trial in March, and unfortunately for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, her last-remaining co-defendant just changed their plea from not guilty to guilty.

Months after her former assistant, Stuart Smith, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty following charges of money laundering and fraud stemming from a years-long telemarketing scheme he and Jen were allegedly involved with, another one of Jen’s co-defendants, Cameron Brewster, has done the same.

“Breaking: [Jen Shah]’s last co-defendant Cameron Brewster has decided to fold his cards and plead guilty,” attorney Ronald Richards revealed on Twitter on February 13. “His [change of plea] is tomorrow.”

According to Richards, who was previously working alongside the trustee assigned to the bankruptcy case of Erika Jayne‘s husband, Thomas Girardi, Jen is now the only member of the case headed to trial next month.

“This means, that Jen will be the only one going to trial. Shah fabulous choice. Shah vs. USA’s telemarketing con men snitching comes next,” the lawyer explained.

Following Ronald’s post, the attorney responded to a couple of questions he received from his followers in regard to the case against Jen, who is facing decades behind bars.

“Are they still offering her a plea deal?” one person asked.

“I don’t believe so because she’s the top tier,” a second person said. “Only benefit would be saving money that would be spent on a trial. [Ronald Richards] will Jen still be offered a plea?”

“No,” Ronald replied.

ROnald Richards Says RHOSLC Jen Shah Won't Get Plea Deal

Another Twitter user wondered, “So even [if] she changed her mind and say she wants to please guilty [and] take a plea she can’t?”

“She can but it will be a horrible offer,” Ronald noted. “I mean of course she could do that it’s better than the suicide mission [she’s] on now.”

Ronald Richards Claims RHOSLC Jen Shah is on Suicide Mission

Jen was arrested in March of last year amid filming on the second season of RHOSLC after being accused of preying on victims, many of whom were elderly, in a telemarketing scheme. And in the months since, fans have watched the fallout from her arrest, as well as the many charges against her, play out on the show.

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