VIDEO: See RHOSLC Season 2 Trailer! Jen and Meredith Fight Over Jen’s Legal Woes as Mary Faces Cult Rumors, Plus Newcomer Jennie Nguyen Comes in Hot

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City RHOSLC Season 2

Credit: Chad Kirkland/Bravo

The highly anticipated Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two trailer is finally here!

Fans have been anxiously awaiting a peek into the show’s second season since Jen Shah was arrested and charged with two counts of fraud in March. Since then, there’s been even more drama that’s gone down, and it’s clear that there will be plenty of juicy storylines to follow beginning September 12.

The newly released trailer kicks off with a big argument among the ladies about what information Meredith Marks may seemingly have on Jen.

“You wanna go there?” Meredith asks. Jen fires back, “Let’s go there!”

Shortly after, the newest cast member, Jennie Nguyen, is introduced as she struts out of an uber expensive vehicle.

“Jennie is a little firecracker, okay?” Jen says in a confessional before she’s seen arguing with Jennie.

Later in the clip, Jennie is seen having a serious conversation with her husband about having more children.

“But you know my feelings towards that,” she tells him. But when he responds by suggesting she get a “sister wife,” she walks away while stating, “I’m pissed.”

Meanwhile, it seems Meredith’s son, Brooks Marks, is still having major issues with Jen and the things she’s said about him on social media.

“Jen just continues to like tweets about me,” he tells his mom. “She liked a tweet about me saying, ‘I want Jen to slap Brooks and call him a sissy b*tch.'”

As for Mary Cosby, who has recently been accused of unlawfully providing shelter to a runaway and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, it seems she’s facing even more accusations about her alleged cult after Whitney Rose brings it up.

“I’m like God, I worship the God in me,” Mary tells Lisa Barlow appears shocked by Mary’s remark.

Then, Lisa is seen sitting down with a man who seemingly has information on Mary’s church as he says, “Is it a cult? Yes. Does she call herself God? Yes.”

Finally, the drama really heats up when Jen is seen leaving the courtroom following her March 30 arrest as audio of her charges can be heard playing in the background.

The clip then cuts to Jen crying while speaking to her husband, Sharrieff Shah, passionately stating, “Not seeing [our two sons] for eight years, do you know how f*cking scared I am?”

But Meredith is seemingly more concerned about Jen’s alleged victims as she asks her co-stars, “Can we talk about the hundreds of lives she’s ruined?”

However, Heather Gay is sticking by the 47-year-old as she tells Jen, “I am your friend” after Jen lets her know she really needs support amid her legal troubles.

Finally, things between Jen and Meredith appear to boil over during a cast dinner after Whitney says to Meredith, “It looks like you might have something to do with the fact that Jen was indicted!”

Jen is then seen inches from Meredith’s face screaming, “I swear to God, if you have anything to do with the bullsh*t charges against me, Meredith, you’re f*cking disgusting!”

But, as expected, Meredith disengages by walking away as Jen yells, “You’re f*cking fraudulent!”

Meredith claps back, “Who’s calling who a fraud? Love you baby.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two premieres Sunday, September 12, on Bravo at 9/8c.