Jen Shah’s Assistant to Plead and Likely Flip on Her as RHOSLC Star’s Trial Date is Moved

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Jen Shah’s Assistant Stuart Smith Set to Offer Plea Deal and Expected to Turn on Her as RHOSLC Star’s Trial Date is Moved Due to COVID Restrictions

Jen Shah could be on the verge of receiving some major bad news.

As the court attempts to reschedule her trial after running out of courtrooms, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star’s assistant, Stuart Smith, who was arrested alongside her on charges of money laundering and fraud in March, is expected to turn against her as part of a plea.

“A lot of Breaking news on [Jen Shah]. 1. Her assistant is going to plead and most likely flip on her. 2. Her trial date will get moved due to lack of courtrooms. 3. Court issues a ten page ruling denying her motions,” attorney Ronald Richards revealed on Twitter on August 7.

In accompanying documents to Ronald’s tweets, a letter from Stuart’s attorney, D. Gilbert Athay, to Judge Sidney Stein was seen.

“I represent Stuart Smith in the above-referenced case. In response to the Court’s order of August 3, 2021, setting a pretrial conference on August 10, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. to establish firm dates for trial. I hereby represent to your honor that Mr. Smith is working diligently towards a resolution of this case. I am confident his case will be resolved without the necessity of a trial and I hereby request that we be excused from the August 10, 2021 hearing,” the attorney wrote.

Then, in a second document, it was noted that Jen’s trial date would be moved due to COVID restrictions.

“The Court has been informed that, as of today, no Courtroom can accommodate a trial for three defendants under COVID-compliant conditions,” a note stated.

As RHOSLC fans may have heard, Ronald addressed Jen’s case during an appearance on the Juicy Scoop podcast last week, telling host Heather McDonald that she was on a “collision course for a horrible, horrible outcome.”

“She’s charged in a place that most Americans don’t understand very well and that’s called the Southern District of New York. You’re up against prosecutors that are so much better than anybody you’re going to hire and they’re treated with the highest level of respect by the judges in that district,” Ronald explained.

“It has to be clear that you are innocent, not like what’s going on in this case where you have all these documented frauds, multiple guilty pleas, but everybody is guilty but Jen Shah,” he continued.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two is expected to premiere before the end of the year.