RHOC Alum Questions Dorit Kemsley’s Accent, and Suggests There’s Proof That RHOBH Star is Faking It

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RHOC Alum Questions Dorit Kemsley’s Accent, and Suggests There's Proof That RHOBH Star is Faking It

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For the last six seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fans have questioned Dorit Kemsley’s eclectic accent. Because Dorit was born and raised in the U.S., many viewers find it hard to believe that the accent is genuine.

According to Dorit’s own explanation, the accent is influenced by her husband’s British twang, as well as the fact that her parents are from Israel. Even so, many viewers don’t buy this explanation, and think she’s faking it for the cameras.

Now, a former ‘Housewife’ has her own suspicions about the accent, and is publicly addressing it.

On The Rick & Kelly Show, Real Housewives of Orange County alum Kelly Dodd imitated the sounds of Dorit’s accent, and blatantly made fun of it.

Kelly’s husband Rick Leventhal asked the question, “Where are you from, Dorit?”

“She’s from Connecticut,” answered Kelly, laughing.

“She’s from Woodbridge, Connecticut,” Rick added. “She’s born and raised in Woodbridge.”

Kelly then imitated the voice again, answering as if she were Dorit. “Yeah, and this is how we talk collectively.

“I spent 25 years in New York City,” said Rick. “I know a lot of people who live and work in Connecticut. They don’t talk like that.”

“Her husband is British,” said Kelly, still pretending to be Dorit. Rick then asked if she thought the accent was “affected.”

“Yes,” answered Kelly.

For a moment, Rick played the devil’s advocating, and pointed out that Dorit’s parents are from Israel. He suggested the possibility that she’s mimicking the accent of her parents.

“No, because they have her back … doing her swimwear line, and she talked just like you and I,” said Kelly. “I swear.”

Kelly was perhaps referencing the following from Videofashion, which shows Dorit discussing her swimwear at a runway in 2013. The accent seems to be gone.


On the season 7 taglines of RHOBH, Dorit addressed those who criticized her accent. “When you’ve traveled the world,” she said, “you can speak in any accent you want.”

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