‘RHOC’ Meghan King Shares Where She Stands With Ex Jim Edmonds, Addresses “Failed Marriage” to Cuffe Owens

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Meghan King Shares Where She Stands with Ex Jim Edmonds, Addresses Co-Parenting Relationship and “Failed Marriage”

Meghan King

Meghan King has had a tough few years. After ending her two-month marriage with Cuffe Biden Owens (the nephew of President Joe Biden), the 37-year-old said it felt like an arranged marriage.

Two years earlier, during her messy divorce with Jim Edmonds, Meghan claimed the Major League Baseball player had an inappropriate relationship with their nanny. The former couple – who shares three kids – were once stars on the hit show, Real Housewives of Orange County.

In a recent Instagram post, Meghan alluded to her “tedious co-parenting journey.” We don’t need Sherlock Holmes to realize who she’s talking about.

The post included photos of herself in nature, with a caption about her latest problems.

“The last couple days I’ve had laryngitis and literally couldn’t raise my voice above a whisper. I had a physical affliction, sure, but metaphorically I did a bit more searching,” she explained. “Losing your voice means you find yourself unable to stand up for yourself, voice wrongdoings, or speak your truth.  And last week was a tough one for me with some private things happening in my personal life as a single mom.”

The star continued, “There’s very little I can do about this tedious co-parenting journey I seem to be on, but I CAN seek fresh air to help me reset. I CAN hire a sitter to carve out time for what makes me tick. I CAN accept the messages that God has for me when I melt into my happy place on a nature hike. It doesn’t fix the issues but it provides peace and perspective and sometimes, well sometimes that’s enough to be grateful for.”


In an earlier post, Meghan addressed her messy divorce. “Today I did a podcast with @carolinestanbury called  @divorcednotdeadpodcast,” she wrote. “I reflected on the intensity of my failed marriage to my ex-husband, how the relationship hasn’t improved, and how I picked myself up by my bootstraps and turned into a self-made woman.”


She added, “None of this is ideal and I pray that things will someday change, but here I am: thriving. Y’all, life for me is pretty financially and emotionally challenging at times but I know there’s no one who’s gonna make it all better for me.”

Meghan ended on a hopeful note: “I feel so accomplished when I go through something painful and come out on the other side. Today I might not be bouncing from mansion to mansion but my heart is as rich as it’s ever been.”