‘RHUGT’ Vicki Gunvalson Tells Steve Lodge “F**k You,” and Reveals Text Exchange with Dorinda Medley Amid Feud

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'RHUGT' Vicki Gunvalson Tells Steve Lodge “F**k You For Ruining My Future,” and Reveals Text Exchange with Dorinda Medley Amid Feud

Vicki Gunvalson and Dorinda Medley aren’t making it nice.

The stars are now feuding about the Bluestone Manor — Dorinda’s cherished property in the Berkshires, where the second season of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip was filmed. Their war began on Instagram Live when Vicki called the house old and said she would be miserable living there.

In response, Dorinda called out Vicki for dating a man who pretended to have cancer. She also addressed Vicki’s breakup with Steve Lodge (who is now married to a younger woman).

In a joint interview for ET, Vicki spoke with Tamra Judge, her RHUGT castmate. Eventually, Vicki revealed a note on her phone that was addressed to her ex-fiancé.

“‘F**k Steve,'” she read from the note. “‘F**k you for ruining my future. F**k you for lying to me. F**k you for buying a house.'”

Vicki never sent it to Steve — it’s more of a therapy, which her counselor recommended. “And everybody out there listening, write ‘F you’ about who hurt you and it will be gone,” said Vicki. “You kind of manifest it out of your life.”

The star also has a “wish list,” which includes qualities she wants in a mate. One of her main wishes is to be with someone “monogamous.”


She also addressed her feud with Dorinda, who recently claimed Vicki sent ‘thousands’ of unkind texts.

“Thousands?!” exclaimed Vicki in the ET interview. “I’ve got the text messages — probably, like, four. Four to six… One thing I don’t like is liars!”

She then took out her phone and eventually handed it to Tamra, who read the messages aloud.

“She said ‘knock it off,'” read Tamra, scrolling through Vicki’s device. “‘You have no idea the torment and money I went through with Brooks. Shame on you… Leave me out of your bulls**t press, you have zero knowledge of who I am. I own four houses, my own business for 32 years and no one gifted me anything. Go away!'”

The messages went on, “‘You made everyone miserable at your home… I never said anything bad about your home or you. I said, if you’re happy that’s all that matters. I also said, it’s old. And in the middle of nowhere. And wouldn’t work for me. Whether it’s historic or not, it’s still old!'”

Tamra kept reading: “‘Get control of your temper,’ Vicki says. ‘You are a mean person and you didn’t make it nice — for many of us!’ she said. ‘Yep, I was gifted a beautiful manor. Lucky me.’ That was Dorinda. ‘You know what you said and the people have responded…’ and, I mean, it goes on…”

“No, it’s two more text messages and that’s it,” explained Vicki, who reclaimed the phone. Tamra then tried to explain why Dorinda was offended by Vicki’s “gifted” comment. The house, according to Tamra, was bequeathed to Dorinda after the passing of her husband.

“Don’t defend her!” Vicki told Tamra. “She was mean. She’s mean. You know, it’s a moot point. Somebody asked me on the interview, ‘What’d you think of Dorinda’s house?’ As long as it works for her, as long as she’s happy with that, then I just said, ‘It’s old and in the middle of nowhere,’ and it is old. And it is in the middle of nowhere. How is that a lie?!”

Tamra also revealed how she joined RHUGT.

“Originally, I wasn’t asked to be on the show,” said Tamra. “I got asked at the very last minute and I still don’t know why.”

“‘Cause I got COVID!” said Vicki. “They thought they were not going to be able to use me.”

“Oh, probably. I mean, I don’t blame them,” said Tamra. “So, [Andy Cohen] called me, and he said, ‘How would you like to be on the Ultimate Girls Trip?’ And I had known that Vicki was going on it and there was rumors of the cast and all I thought at that time was, ‘Thank God they didn’t ask me because Brandi Glanville is on it, and I don’t want to film with her…’ ’cause she scares the bejesus out of me.”

Tamra and Brandi have feuded for years, shading each other on social media, but the stars never addressed it in person – until RHUGT.

Vicki, on the other hand, seems to have issues with just Dorinda.

“I thought being in her home she would be much more gracious, and you agreed,” said Vicki, looking at Tamra.

Tamra, however, neither confirmed nor denied Vicki’s claim.

“She’s not nice,” Vicki went on. “She made [Tamra] cry. She made me cry. She made everybody cry… It was a nightmare.”

Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season two, The Ex-Wives Club, began streaming on Peacock on Thursday, June 23.