Here’s Why Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Were “Literally Going to Kill Each Other Before the Wedding” as Chanel Ayan Shades Caroline with “Subliminal Messages” in RHODubai Sneak Peek

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Here’s Why Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Are "Literally Going to Kill Each Other Before the Wedding" as Chanel Ayan Shades Caroline with "Subliminal Messages" in RHODubai Sneak Peek

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo have a strange love story.

In the first chapter, Caroline granted Sergio’s request for marriage — though she wasn’t that into it. Then, Sergio proposed the idea of starting a family, but the bride-to-be was ambivalent.

While the 27-year-old is determined to procreate, the 46-year-old already has three children. Their clashing interests are yet to be resolved on the first season of Real Housewives of Dubai.

In a preview for the July 6 episode, Sergio reveals the stress he and Caroline are feeling as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials. “We are a bit stressed, to be honest, with the wedding,” he said at a group dinner. “Family is coming.”

Both Sergio and Caroline’s parents are coming at the same time, though they’ve “never met before.” He added, “They’re gonna stay together three days in the house… It’s just a lot of things happening.”

His fiancée then shared, “We’re literally going to kill each other before the wedding.”

Caroline joked that “Sergio will be sleeping in [another castmate’s] house, with his mother, can you take his mother too?”

The clip also addressed the tense relationship between Caroline and Chanel Ayan.

Chanel, it seems, had given every cast member a gift — except Caroline, who refused to sit silent.

“I got nothing,” said Caroline after interrupting Chanel at the dinner. “I got absolutely nothing. I mean if that wasn’t subliminal messages, I don’t know what was.”

Chanel didn’t back down. “It was subliminal messages, definitely,” she said. In a confessional interview, Chanel threw more shade: “Nothing… That was the best gift I could have given her.”

In a previous episode, the two castmates hugged it out at a party as a gesture of reconciliation. At the time, many fans believed the women had reached an understanding. The recent clip, however, tells a different story, as their lingering emotions rise to the surface.

The hatchet is officially unburied.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.