Andy Cohen is “Upset” That Jen Shah “Lied for So Long,” as Source Reveals How RHOSLC Season 3 Will Address Jen’s Plea Deal

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Andy Cohen is "Upset" That Jen Shah “Lied for So Long,” as Source Reveals How RHOSLC Season 3 Will Address Jen's Plea Deal

On July 11, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Her recent decision was a shock to many fans, who watched her claim innocence for over a year. The star was accused of running a telemarketing scheme, which allegedly targeted the elderly.

Host Andy Cohen, who is close with the star, found out about her plea deal on his SiriusXM show. At the time, he claimed he wasn’t ready to call her “guilty,” which angered many viewers of the show.

Recently, on Andy Cohen Live, the host had more to say after reading the information and facts. According to Andy’s story, when he spoke about it earlier, he didn’t know the details of her “stunning confession.”

“Having sat with this, how do I feel? I’m upset. And I’m especially upset for her victims. I’m upset that she lied for so long, and claimed to me that she was an example of someone being wrongly accused,” he said.

Andy recalled Jen’s “dogmatic” answers at the season two reunion, which convinced him that she deserved her day in court.

“I’m also upset because, frankly, you get to know someone, and you get to like them. You know, when you get to have a personal relationship,” he continued. “You hate to think that they’re capable of this behavior. We shot all season with Jen, and I have a lot of questions for her, and I’m sure the audience, especially those who supported her and stood by her, does too, and I really hope to get the opportunity to speak with her and to ask those questions.”

Andy eventually expressed, “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: If you have something to hide, reality TV may not be the avenue.”

Meanwhile, an insider close to production told E! News that RHOSLC had previously concluded season three, but they started filming again after the guilty plea. “There were no cameras in the courtroom,” said the source, “but production shot confessionals on the women’s reactions that will likely be a part of season three.”

“There is no way to know what is going to happen,” the insider continued, and they explained that the cameras aren’t presently following Jen herself because the season “technically has wrapped with her and this is not a part of the production cycle.”

On July 12, an insider told the outlet that certain cast members were “in shock” and were “disappointed” after learning of the plea deal. “The whole time Jen has never wavered on maintaining her innocence. [Some of the cast is] feeling duped, misled and lied to by their friend.”

As of now, Jen waits for her sentencing. The star faces up to 14 years in prison.