Captain Sandy Yawn Slams Haters Sending “Nasty Comments” to Below Deck Med Crew on Social Media, Shares Shocking Message from Fan

by Adam Ragsdale
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Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn Claps Back at Haters for “Nasty Comments,” and Reveals Shocking Message from Fan

Certain fans, it seems, have a fiery hatred for Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Mediterranean. The 57-year-old, who joined the franchise in season two, was criticized after firing Hannah Ferrier, a popular OG castmate.

The firing took place nearly two years ago, but the hatred toward Sandy is very alive. Some fans want Bravo to show no mercy and kick her permanently off the show. Others have attacked her character and leadership skills.

In a recent tweet, the captain addressed her critics head-on and defended her crew against similar haters.

“Please stop sending DMs and nasty comments to me and my crew on #BelowDeckMed,” she wrote. “Social media should be fun, NOT an attack on human beings.”

She also asked fans to consider the full story: “You see 43 mins one night a week from 24/7 filming. Pls show some grace.”

One viewer wrote in the comments, “Sorry to hear people are giving you sh*t Sandy ☹️ Keep being you and ignore the haters. We love you.”

Sandy then explained, “I see the crew getting so much hate on social. #EnoughIsEnough.”

Another fan added, “It’s absolutely disturbing what people can say, just ignore the haters. They are miserable with their own lives and want to spread hate.”

The captain agreed, and then she shared more details. “It is. I don’t pay attention, but new crew are new to this and don’t deserve the vile comments.”

Sandy wasn’t yet finished. Later in the evening, the captain returned to her post and released evidence of the hate.

“Leave my family, an innocent child, out of your hate,” wrote Sandy. “For anyone doubting, this is just ONE example of what’s out there…”

She then shared the hateful message written by a fan: “Oh, poor mental health shaming Yawn is crying because people don’t like her. Perhaps you should exploit your imaginary tard niece like you did the last time people were mean to you. She dead yet?”

Many viewers rushed to defend Sandy.

“No one deserves this,” said one user. “Just because you choose to do TV doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed a private life. Just remember there are people [like] me who love you all. Best wishes and keep your head held high.”

Another wrote, “Some people can be so hurtful. Just remember, there are many more people that love and respect you. Be Strong My Friend!”

Below Deck Mediterranean season seven airs Mondays on Bravo at 8/7c. New episodes are released one week early on Peacock.