‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Claims Kelly Dodd Says Most “Horrible” Things About Her as Reza Suspects She’s Jealous of Her Looks, Plus She Teases Younger Newbies and Shares Filming Regrets

by Josh Ramsey
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‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Says Kelly Dodd Says Most “Horrible” Things About Her as Reza Suspects She’s Jealous of Her Looks, Plus She Teases Younger Newbies and Shares Filming Regrets

Credit: JOHN NACION/startraksphoto, Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is no fan of Real Housewives of Orange County alum Kelly Dodd.

Per Heavy, Melissa recently had Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan on her Melissa Gorga on Display podcast, and the subject of ex-reality stars trying to stay relevant by commenting on and criticizing their former shows came up. Enter Kelly, who has notoriously come for everyone under the sun, from her former co-stars to other Housewives’ franchises.

“What I do notice is how repulsed I am by people that were formerly on shows and now they do commentary and it’s all negative. You know? And I’m not going to mention the people’s names but like I would never do that. It’s not my thing but like I would disappear,” Reza stated.

But mention names he did. At Melissa’s urging to reveal the name, Reza responded, “Like Kelly Dodd.”

Melissa quickly agreed with Reza’s assessment of Kelly, and she claimed that Kelly has been “horrible” to her on social media only to be kind to her in person.

“She says the most horrible things about me. Can I just tell you? And any time I have ever seen the woman, she’s run to me. She’s like ‘hi, how are you?’ She talks about my looks,” Melissa claimed.

In response, Reza said he thinks Kelly comes after Melissa because she’s “envious” of her success.

“In the world of the ‘Housewives,’ if I was going to put people that you could be envious of, pardon the pun, with boutique mention, if there were — you would be on the top of that hit list,” Reza said in reference to Gorga’s boutique, Envy. “You’ve been on your show for so many seasons you do ‘Girls Trip.’ You have so much success, you have your relationship.”

Reza also believes Kelly is jealous of Melissa’s youth and looks. Melissa agreed, saying that she’s always been years younger than her castmates. But she teased that the new younger blood coming into the RHONJ’s upcoming season will shift the dynamics in her favor.

“I was always about 10 years younger than the rest of the crew, now I can’t say too much because the Bravo gods are watching, but we are definitely starting to film and try to pull in some young blood, and some younger girls, which I am extremely excited about,” Melissa explained.

Looking back at herself over the years since joining RHONJ in season three, Melissa admits that she has cringe-inducing moments, but she can handle them due to her self-proclaimed “cool” demeanor.

“I definitely have moments where I cringe watching it back like especially in the beginning seasons and the previous seasons where I’m like on my knees begging Teresa. Like ‘stop hurting us.’ There’s definitely things that I have regretted,” Melissa said.

“That’s one of the things – I think I can keep my cool pretty much,” Melissa explained adding, “I do that with [my husband] Joe [Gorga] too, it drives him f****** insane because the more crazy he gets, the more I’ll be wow you’re so aggravated, then he’ll get more crazy you know,” said the mother of three.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently filming its 13th season. No premiere date has been announced.