Tyrone Gilliams Accuses Sheree Whitfield of Creating False Narrative About Him on RHOA, Explains Why He Sent Bravo Cease and Desist

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Tyrone Gilliams Accuses Sheree Whitfield of Creating False Narrative About Him on RHOA, Explains Why He Didn’t Show Up for Date and Why He Sent Bravo Cease and Desist

In a gut-wrenching scene on Real Housewives of AtlantaTyrone Gilliams stood up long-term girlfriend Sheree Whitfield on a lunch date in Philadelphia. After driving two hours to reach him, Sheree was excited for their happy reunion. Instead, she was met with an empty table where she sat crying in the cold.

But according to her ex, Bravo forgot to mention something: the entire story was made up.

The former basketball player, who reportedly went to prison for wire fraud, was recently released, and he was excited to spend time with his girlfriend again. It was also reported that Tyrone couldn’t attend the date because he was on house arrest. And he eventually sent a cease and desist to Bravo, who allegedly didn’t have his permission to film.

Speaking with The Jasmine Brand, Tyrone opened up about the bizarre situation.

“I was aware of the taping, but there was no arrangement, contractually, or any agreement with me and Bravo,” he said. “I don’t have a problem being supportive of a significant other or somebody [I’m] dealing with. But, when they created that narrative, and when the narrative was created in regards to me and a lunch date or something that I was supposed to have with [Sheree], that’s when my lawyers had to jump in it. Because it was putting me at risk for going back to prison.”

He also provided more details on why he couldn’t attend. “I [was] on home confinement, and I wasn’t allowed. It was not an approved activity. Now, if I had an agreement–if it was already agreed that I was working for the network, because that could’ve happened prior to that–then, I could’ve showed up and not get in trouble,” he said. “But I’m not going to risk my life for anybody, to go back to prison.”

Tyrone then alleged that Sheree and production knew he couldn’t be there: “I didn’t stand her up, and, more importantly, you can’t stand up somebody where they know where you are. I don’t care if it’s man, woman–you know, no matter what your persuasion is, straight or gay–if [it’s] your significant other or your partner, you know where they lay their heads. So, in my case, you definitely knew where I was because I was [under] home confinement.”

The star added, “She knew that I couldn’t come. We were communicating; I got a call in the wee hours of the morning about ‘I’m coming to Philly,’ but not saying, ‘I’m coming to Philly to tape.’ Coming to Philly to visit me and coming to Philly to sit outside on the streets to tape is a whole different narrative.”

As of now, Sheree has yet to address Tyrone’s allegations.

Which side is telling the truth? Bravo, it seems, wants us to believe their version of events. But what if the OG, or producers themselves, created the story out of thin air? If this was the truth, who would be the villain?

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