PHOTOS: Bethenny Frankel Shades Kardashians Over “Reckless” Photo Editing and “False Ideal,” Plus Slams “Insane” RHODubai Reunion Looks

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PHOTOS: Bethenny Frankel Shades Kardashians Over “Reckless” Photo Editing and “False Ideal,” Plus Slams "Insane" RHODubai Reunion Looks

Bethenny Frankel is on an anti-Kardashian tour.

On September 1, the Real Housewives of New York alum posted a message about the dooms of photo-editing. The star uploaded two versions of a photo of herself at the beach: one was filtered, while the other was “real.”

Though she didn’t specifically name the Kardashians, it seemed evident that her message – about filtering being a lie, and creating a sense of “unattainable perfection” – was directed at the famous family.

In a recent interview with TMZ, addressing her post, the star was asked to share her thoughts on the Kardashians, who have been accused of sending the wrong message.

Bethenny said mothers “can’t compete” with the edited photos that come from wealthy influencers like the Kardashians. “The more we see these images, the more we think they’re real,” said the mother-of-one. “It becomes a false ideal. It’s irresponsible. It’s reckless. It’s not inspirational. It’s not aspiration, it’s destructive. It creates eating disorders, insecurity, depression. It’s a serious thing. People should just be happy with who they are.”

Bethenny claimed she has no problem with plastic surgery, so long as people are “honest about it.” This seemed to be a reference to the Kardashians’ rumored procedures.

“The playing field becomes absolutely not level,” she said. “And when you already are billionaires, you have access to so much more than the average American and the average mother. So what happens is … it makes people feel terrible about themselves.”

The Bravolebrity also took aim at the network’s new darling – Real Housewives of Dubai – slamming the cast’s outfit choices at the reunion.

“This is a costume party,” said Bethenny on Instagram, via Page Six Style, as she watched the episode. “This is insane. I mean … literally, if Andy [Cohen] weren’t there, I’d think this is a costume party. What show is this? What is going on? This is hysterical.”

Bethenny offered insight on how the franchise has changed. “I need you to know that [on] Seasons 1 to 3 of [RHONY] we would do our own makeup, and I would wear a cable-knit sweater,” she explained. “Like, the outfits we wore were just out of our closet for the reunion.”

She said the Dubai ‘Housewives’ have “taken it to the next level.”

Many viewers disliked the ensemble of castmate Caroline Brooks, who donned a silver crown of pearls.

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Fans also weren’t pleased with the other Caroline. “Is [Caroline] Stanbury going to a networking mixer?” wrote one viewer in a comment, via Page Six Style, referencing her silver-and-black skirt set.

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The only castmates in color-coordinated gowns were Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan – who looked like ‘highlighters’ in their yellow feathered outfits, according to costar Sara Al Madani.

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Part two of The Real Housewives of Dubai reunion is scheduled to air Wednesday, September 7, at 9/8c on Bravo.