RHODubai’s Caroline Stanbury & Husband Sergio Address “Gay” Rumors as He Shades “Thirsty” Costars and Accuses Them of Searching for Evidence, Plus Posts Text Exchange With Rumored Partner

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'RHODubai' Caroline Stanbury Addresses Sergio’s “Gay” Rumors as Husband Suggests "Thirsty" Castmembers Are Searching for Evidence, and Posts Alleged Receipts

During a heated part one of the Real Housewives of Dubai reunion, Chanel Ayan seemed to call attention to recent gay rumors concerning Caroline Stanbury‘s husband, Sergio Carrallo. In one offensive scene, the model insinuated that Sergio had never seen a vagina.

Many of the online rumors allege that Sergio’s relationship with fashion stylist Derek Warburton is more than just friendly. Rather than sweeping it under the rug, the newlyweds are now facing the rumors head-on.

In an interview for Two Ts In A Pod, Caroline addressed the allegations.

“We definitely have sex. He’s not gay,” said the Brit, who married Sergio at a romantic wedding on RHODubai. “He has gay friends, like we all do. I love that.”

Sergio also addressed the rumors in a September 5 tweet.

“Keep looking..I don’t understand, I can’t have gay friends?” he wrote, before suggesting that Caroline’s co-stars are “reaching out to people to try to find things about me..  Jealousy is always hard to deal with .. I will say this once and only once, Derek Warburton was a friend.”

Sergio then released an alleged message exchange with Derek, who seemed to confirm that people “keep reaching out.”

“Hey babe…” Derek purportedly wrote in the message. “Question??? Why do people keep reaching out me asking if you are gay?? Also I read online that we dated?? U were my boy?? Which is ridiculous and this morning I got a em about it… as an FYI, I have never alluded to anything like that and never even suggested that we were anything but friends publicly.”

Sergio responded, “People are crazy .. just jealous of the relationship I have with Caroline and they are just trying to find anything to destroy me … Some of the girls [on RHODubai] are so thirsty for fame that they are literally trying anything reaching out to everyone.”

He went on to say, “People are just horrible. They think because i am good looking, i have feelings and i take care of myself i have to be gay that is not right. What happens that i can not have gay friends .. this is the world that we [live in] now.”

The former athlete added, “For a moment I thought that you were alluding that we had something but to be honest I completely ignored since the beginning.”

On the same day, Caroline replied to the post, writing, “Sad you can’t have gay friends or simply go to dinner with your friends ????.”

Part two of The Real Housewives of Dubai reunion is scheduled to air Wednesday, September 7, at 9/8c on Bravo.