Erika Jayne Shares New Claim About $750K Earrings and Says She’s ‘Never Backing Down’ Despite Losing Case, Plus RHOBH Star Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit From Nicolas Cage’s Ex

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Erika Jayne Shares New Details and Cryptic Post Amid Backlash Over $750K Earrings, Plus RHOBH Star Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit From Nicolas Cage’s Ex Christina Fulton

After Tom Girardi was accused of embezzling from his former clients, his estranged wife Erika Jayne (from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) was soon named in the lawsuits, as plaintiffs claimed she aided and abetted the misconduct.

In a recent episode, Erika defended her controversial decision to keep the $750,000 earrings, which Tom allegedly bought with clients’ money. During a heated fight, Erika’s costars – who have no involvement with her case – suggested she give up the jewelry to help the alleged victims. Erika then famously stated: “I’m not guilty, that’s why I fight as hard as I do … I don’t give a f**k about anyone else but me.”

As the episode aired, numerous fans flocked to social media to voice their disapproval of the star’s comment.

Amid the chaos, Erika took to Instagram.

“Stand tall,” wrote the “Pretty Mess” pop singer, via Queens of Bravo. “And never back down.”

Image credit: @theprettymess/Instagram via Queens of Bravo

Then, the star reposted a message which revealed some new and unverified claims about the diamonds.

“The diamond earrings don’t go to the orphans & widows. The earrings are tied to a completely separate case,” wrote author and podcast host Zack Peter, shared via Erika’s Instagram Stories. “The O&W case is a much more recent case that may not have even benefitted EJ Global bc Erika left/filed for divorce the same year as the settlement.”

Tagged in the post were castmates Crystal Kung Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais, and Sutton Stracke – who were adamantly against Erika’s decision, and insisted she give up the earrings to help the “victims.”

Image credit: @justplainzack/Instagram via @theprettymess/Instagram

These claims are unverified as a judge has since ruled the earrings, which were paid for directly using funds from Tom’s law firm, will now be auctioned off with the proceeds helping to pay off Tom’s debts which will likely include the victims who are owed money. The auction is being overseen by the trustee in charge of Tom’s forced bankruptcy. Despite this ruling by the judge, Erika, who claimed she wanted the case to play out in court, has appealed the judge’s ruling. As for now, the auction is still set to go forward.

Unfortunately, Erika is now confronting another lawsuit: from the ex-girlfriend of actor Nicolas Cage.

According to Radar, Christina Fulton claims Erika assisted Tom in fraud and theft.

However, a judge recently ruled in a separate case that there was no evidence Erika knew of her husband’s alleged activities. She is now asking for the new case to be dismissed and requests that Christina pay the legal fees.

Erika’s team says the singer and her company “further deny, generally and specifically, that they have engaged in any wrongful conduct or that Ms. Fulton has been damaged in any amount, or at all, by reason of any act or omission.”

Christina claims she was not paid the full amount of a $900,000 settlement, when she was represented by Girardi & Keese attorneys John Kelley Courtney and Samantha Gold, after she was involved in a car accident.

The actress claims the firm cashed the settlement check without her consent. She allegedly received just a $5,000 advance, and other payments adding up to $190,000. She alleges that Tom, Erika, and her lawyers misappropriated the unpaid portion of the settlement, in order to fund their wealthy lifestyle.

“This was a complete outright forgery as [Fulton] never endorsed this check and certainly never agreed to have it deposited,” read Christina’s legal papers. “The check was never held in trust but spent … It is beyond shocking and pale that the firm would conceal the arrival of the check and not obtain Ms. Fulton’s endorsement as required by law.”

As of now, the judge hasn’t ruled on Erika’s request.

After winning her last court battle, Erika’s attorney Evan C. Borges told Page Six that the other ‘aiding and abetting’ lawsuits will “fail for the same reason” – because they are “based on no real evidence.”

If the judge rules in Erika’s favor, Christina may have to pay Erika’s legal expenses.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs Wednesday’s at 8/7c on Bravo.