RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Suffers Breakdown Over Childhood Abuse, Meredith Tells Lisa She’s Not Her Safe Place After Lisa Tries to Connect With Her

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RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Suffers Breakdown Over Traumatic Childhood Abuse, Meredith Tells Lisa She’s Not Her Safe Place After Lisa Tries to Connect With Her

A girls’ trip is in order! On this episode of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, Whitney‘s healing journey is center stage. A Shaman brings issues to light, and Meredith and Lisa still struggle with where their friendship stands.

Over at Jen‘s new house, her mom pays her a visit to do a puzzle and chat. Jen is still claiming she is innocent, and as her trial approaches, she shares that the mock trial of the prosecution was “rough.” She shares that she will be heading to NY next week. Her son, Omar, was found crying over Jen’s legal troubles, and Jen shares that people want to tear her down until she doesn’t want to live any more. Jen cries over being bullied and finds it so unbearable to deal with the hate she has been receiving for the past year. Her mom reminds Jen that they are all strong and they will get through this together.

Whitney has Meredith over for the first time, and the women discuss Coach’s birthday party. Meredith states that it was “awkward with Lisa” and that Lisa is “hypocritical” since she has talked smack about everyone in the group. Meredith reminds Whitney that she has heard there have been affairs in Lisa’s life, and Whitney states that she has heard the same rumors! Whitney says that apparently Lisa slept with someone wealthy and powerful to help sway her business.

Meredith wonders how things between her and Lisa got so bad, but Whitney shares that since her latest healing session, she is able to connect with Lisa. She feels like Meredith should give Lisa another shot, and the upcoming healing girls’ trip to Arizona may be the perfect setting.

Lisa plays “cool mom” and shoots hoops with her son, Jack, mainly to discuss college. He is very cagey about Lisa’s questions about college since he already owns his own company. Lisa reminds him that he must think about his future, and to that he says, “Fudge college, honestly. There’s no need for it.” Lisa becomes agitated and lets him know that SHE is funding his company and that’s not how it really works.

Later, Whitney talks with her husband, Justin, about something very serious. She just got off the phone with her half-brother Will and tearfully begins to explain how he has been doing a form of EDMR, memory recall therapy. Whitney states that Will remembers through his EDMR therapy that she was abused, but she just doesn’t remember it. These suppressed memories are now coming out in Whitney, and she is overwhelmed by it all. It turns out that bad things happened in bathrooms, and Whitney tearfully asks if Justin still loves her after finding all of this out.

While Whitney navigates this news, Jen is busy packing for Arizona and the “Garbage Trash Whore Lingerie Party,” or the GTW party… The contrast is really something else!

Whitney believes that by going to Arizona with the girls, she will be able to heal since she will also be able to connect with her other half-brother and sister while there. Lisa and Whitney roll up to the airport with all 900 bags in tow, a strategic move made by Whitney to keep Lisa away from Meredith for as long as possible.

Although the ladies are less than thrilled about going to Arizona, we are reminded that Jen cannot leave the country at this point, so AZ will simply have to do. Lisa and Whitney arrive and get the tour of what looks like could be Mary’s house, décor style.

The outdated house gets the stamp of approval for partying, and Whitney and Lisa waste zero time having some drinks. Whitney tells Lisa about her “path of healing” and shares that from a young age, she blocked out her childhood. Her trauma is intense, and Lisa shares that she, too, had a bit of a traumatic home life. Lisa lets Whitney know that her parents were “children raising children” and that is why she is close with her sisters. She shares that she called Meredith her sister, and she meant it, but she feels like her one mistake with Meredith has ruined it all.

Whitney is beginning to feel like she is in the middle of the Lisa-Meredith fight when Lisa tells her, “I’ve forgiven myself,” and Meredith has to want to be on a “path to resolution” with her. Totally awkward that just a few days ago, Whitney was busy comparing rumors with Meredith about Lisa’s infidelities…

When Meredith enters the dynasty home, Lisa recoils and can tell that Meredith has ZERO desire to talk with her. Meredith is aware that she must stay in the same house with Lisa, right?! Can’t dodge her forever…

Whitney shares that she wanted to get the group together for Jen, especially, since the future is unknown for her. Jen becomes emotional knowing that these ladies truly have her back. Whitney has pre-selected the rooms (in order to keep Meredith and Lisa separated) and has gifted the women some matching, initialed jammies.

Over some girl talk, Heather can hardly believe that Whitney and Meredith are new pals and REALLY can’t get over the fact that Meredith came armed with rumors about Lisa for Whitney. What makes it worse is that Whitney heard the same things about Lisa — that Lisa has performed sexual favors for Vida Tequila. Heather is laughing her way through this conversation, but Whitney now feels bad that she participated in the sh*t talking with Meredith after seeing how vulnerable Lisa is in this whole situation.  Heather believes that now is not the time to give Lisa a heads up about the rumors swirling since this trip is supposed to be about giving Jen one last good time before it gets real for her.

Whitney is SO excited to meet with the Shaman because she has to release the pain and suffering she is experiencing. Meredith is again late to the ceremony (because she is busy getting glammed), and instead of being there on time, she talks with Seth. Meredith is unsure if this is the right time for her to expose her emotions and energy considering her current relationship with Lisa.

The Shaman directs the ladies to set an intention to “release.” Whitney is the first to start, and she states she is letting go of past trauma and hurt, Heather releases shame and calls in love and understanding, Jen releases the fear of going to trial and calls in her innocence, and Lisa releases hurt and sadness and she tearfully states she is calling in love, support, and kindness. The women become emotional just as Meredith rolls up late, and she is stuck sitting next to Lisa. Meredith is asked what she wants to release and to that, she states, “I’m not ready to share.”

As the women get deeper and deeper in their healing, Jen’s having her life and what the reality of what her future may be flash before her eyes. Lisa winds up releasing something unexpected: abandonment. And Meredith states that she is being brought to where she was last year and the pain that came along with it is also present. Heather did not anticipate this many tears on night one of their girls’ trip, but Whitney is happy that everyone is now vulnerable. Meredith shares that she had some anxiety about being with the Shaman and she is triggered by the last trip.

In an attempt to connect with Meredith, Lisa says, “I used to feel like I was a safe space for you,” and to that, Meredith retorts, “You are not a safe space, Lisa.” Lisa storms off, and the rest of the women are left being awkward. Heather goes to grab Lisa, and she reminds Lisa that “nothing is going to be resolved tonight.”

Over dinner, Meredith asks what each person wanted to release, and when Jen shares hers, she talks about her fears every time the phone rings and is “on edge 100% of the time.”

While listening to Jen get upset, Whitney also begins to cry. She reminds the group that she is on a healing journey and that her childhood memory is blocked from ages nine to 17.  She tells the ladies that she was in an abusive situation that she stuffed very deep down in her memory. No one knows what to say, except Meredith: “You are brave, Whitney.”