Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo Claims Ex Partner Stole and Extorted, Hacked into Her Amex Account in Response to Lawsuit

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Naomie Olindo Claims Former Employee Stole and Extorted, Hacked into Her Amex Account

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Naomie Olindo was recently hit with a lawsuit from her ex-colleague, Virginia “Ginny” Cox. In the suit, Virginia claimed Naomie didn’t pay her what they originally agreed upon.

Virginia also said she was brought on as a co-owner before the Southern Charm star allegedly ousted her from the L’Abeye fashion brand, and she alleged that Naomie used deceptive tactics to keep control of the business.

But in Naomie’s counterclaims, in a filing obtained by Page Six, the star alleged that Virginia’s lawsuit was “defamatory.”

“After being terminated for employee theft and other misconduct, Cox filed this defamatory lawsuit with the intention of extorting money through a set of claims that are knowingly false,” said Naomie via legal docs.

According to the outlet, Naomie went after almost all of Virginia’s allegations in the complaint, which included the claim that Virginia was a co-owner. She also alleged that Virginia was terminated after stealing more than once.

The 30-year-old said Virginia hacked into Naomie’s Amex account and utilized points from the card in order to vacation in Florida with her boyfriend. The star alleged Virginia took clothing from the company and profited from selling them at consignment shops in the local area.

Because of what allegedly took place, Naomie said she needed to install security cameras on the premises, but Virginia allegedly “disabled” it in several minutes.

L’Abeye’s marketing director Madison Acee offered an affidavit in the filing, agreeing with her boss that Virginia stole from the company.

“I witnessed her on multiple occasions purchase items and incur charges on the company card and referencing ‘not caring’ what Naomie thinks while doing so,” said Madison. “She would push the company card on me and tell me to use it to fill up gas in my car.”

However, Virginia’s attorney told the outlet, “We deny that Ms. Cox stole any money from Olindo or their company.”

Naomie alleged that Virginia’s work ethic weakened after the business started in 2018. “[She would] sometimes not show up to work until noon or early afternoon [usually] as a result of going out and drinking the night before,” claimed the Bravo star in the documents, and she added that her colleague’s “heavy” drinking during Sundays turned into a “common occurrence,” allegedly affecting her work.

“As Cox’s employment with the Company progressed and starting in November 2021, Cox became increasingly unproductive, underperformed, and repeatedly brought a negative and toxic attitude that adversely affected the work culture and fellow employees,” said Naomie.

After firing Virginia, the colleague allegedly started “visibly spiraling out of control,” writing messages of harassment to Naomie and a different co-worker.

Naomie said Virginia threatened to “go the press and celebrity gossip sites” if Naomie didn’t “pay up” or “did anything to upset” her.

The star said Virginia was “never” the owner as she never “invested money in the company,” and she was “unwilling” to make “financial risks.” She also didn’t include herself as an owner on tax returns as she allegedly desired to “remain an employee” when she was asked to invest.

According to Naomie, Virginia was “fully aware” Naomie was the sole owner.

Naomie claims she called Virginia a “partner” in press interviews to make her not feel “embarrassed or belittled,” claiming it was just a courtesy for her “founding employee.”

“After being fired for theft, Cox is now trying [to] exploit these instances for ill-gotten gain, apparently unfazed by her own dishonesty and disloyalty that have caused her predicament,” said the filing. “Cox was always an employee. She is not and was not an owner.”

Naomie wants a trial by jury, as well as “actual,” “consequential,” and “punitive” damages resulting from Virginia’s allegations. Naomie is now suing the former colleague for six counterclaims, which include invasion of privacy and defamation.