Winter House: Lindsay Hubbard Addresses Austen’s Hookup Claims Amid Relationship With Carl, and Shares Where She Stands With Ex Jason After Miscarriage Drama

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Winter House: Lindsay Hubbard Addresses Austen’s Hookup Claim Amid Relationship With Carl, and Shares Where She Stands With Ex Jason After Miscarriage Drama

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Lindsay Hubbard is now revealing what actually happened on the night of Amanda Batula‘s wedding – after Austen Kroll accused her of hitting on him while she was in a relationship with Carl Radke.

The 36-year-old, who is now engaged to Carl, once had an awkward half-romance with Austen, who’s appeared in both Summer House and Winter House. In a recent episode of Winter House, Austen insinuated she was inappropriate while staying the night in his hotel room.

“Carl, he was [staying] in a different hotel,” shared Lindsay in a November 30 interview with Us Weekly. “I think because he had a lot of duties at this wedding. He was officiating, he was a co-best man, you know, and he’s sober, right? So, I think he wanted to focus. He wanted his privacy.”

According to Lindsay, Carl dropped off a group of people at a different hotel that evening before she and Austen ordered fast food, talked, and drank in Austen’s room.

“We just sit and chat about, you know, recapping the wedding. Like, you know, ‘How was it seeing Ciara [Miller]?’ You know, just whatever. Like, we saw so many different people. And that was it,” said Lindsay, claiming she then wanted to watch a movie.

“I pretty much passed out immediately and that’s really it. It was a very innocent pass out. For anyone who knows me, I sleep very hard, and I just sleep like a mummy or like you’re burying me or something,” she explained.

On the show, however, Austen had a different version of events.

“All of a sudden, I woke up with her hand on my dick,” he said, via Us Weekly. When another co-star asked if Lindsay attempted to sleep with him during that time, Austen answered, “Yes. Facts.”

Lindsay addressed these allegations in her recent interview. “It feels like he’s been doing yoga because it just feels like such a stretch to me,” she quipped. “I don’t even think he believes his own story.”

She then suggested why Austen would bring up this story.

“He wanted to bring Olivia [to Winter House], he can’t bring Olivia, because now Ciara’s mad at him again for not respecting her feelings and wanting to, like, parade Olivia in front of Ciara. And, so, he’s trying to get back into good graces with her. But then I show up with Carl and we’re, like, in our honeymoon phase, lovey-dovey, and he’s like, ‘Aha, I just need a win.’ You know? And I feel like he just wanted to feel like he had some sort of win in all of this chaos,” said Lindsay.

The accusation, however, didn’t negatively affect her relationship with Carl.

“[Carl] knows I would’ve told him like, ‘Hey, you know, this happened,’ but I never had to say that because it never happened. And I’m not gonna be embarrassed by something that just never happened,” she shared. “This whole d**k touching situation is just, like, not even my style.”

Lindsay then discussed an uncomfortable, on-screen confrontation with her ex Jason Cameron, who questioned why she publicly revealed their miscarriage.

“I was very upset after that conversation. I basically have not spoken to him since because I just thought it was a really messed up thing to do,” she told the outlet. “Like, even if you are doing it to have something to talk about or for relevancy, don’t use my trauma for your relevancy. That’s where I draw the line, that is absolutely unacceptable for me.”

During the scene, Jason claimed he was not involved in Lindsay’s decision to share it publicly and suggested he was blindsided.

“I was just surprised because I did make him aware. So, when he talked about it going public, what he means is me sharing it on Summer House with Summer House cameras rolling. But the way I shared it on Summer House was with Carl, my best friend. … It was a way that I was comfortable sharing that story on our TV show,” said Lindsay.

According to Lindsay, she told Jason about her plan to discuss it on camera “before filming had even started,” and the former couple shot a scene together about it.

“[The scene] got cut, it was never used, it was on the chopping block, and they edited it out for whatever reason. [But], like, you were physically there when this was made public so why are you now coming to me nine months later to make me feel guilty for not telling you?” asked the star.

“I will always and forever think about this miscarriage, and it will never leave me. I’ve always been like, ‘OK, well at least it happened with a nice guy … and he was just so wonderful,’ and I just had the most amazing things to say about him. … Now here he is shaming me about something that I already feel shame about,” Lindsay added.

The Bravolebrity continued, “He actually went on a podcast in June and talked about all of this stuff … and I basically texted him and was like, ‘I don’t need your permission to talk about my body and what happened to me and the fact that you went on this podcast and you think this is acceptable is very sad and f—ked up.’ And he never wrote me back.”

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