RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice is “Mortified” Over Comments by Melissa and Joe Gorga, Plus Claims Melissa “Stopped” Talking Her Calls After She Married Joe

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Teresa Giudice “Mortified” Over Melissa and Joe Gorga’s Past Comments About Her on RHONJ, Plus Claims Melissa “Stopped” Talking Her Calls After She Married Joe

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s, Teresa Giudice, is revealing more about her on-going feud between her and brother and sister-in-law, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga.

Fans will know that the trio are no longer on speaking terms after an explosive incident occurred between them while filming the season 13 finale of RHONJ. It was apparently so bad that Melissa and Joe refused to attend Teresa’s wedding to her now-husband, Luis Ruelas. And the family has been at odds ever since, causing a complete divide among the RHONJ cast, so much so that their panel at BravoCon 2022 had to be split into two different segments.

Cut to the present, Teresa is revealing that she has never watched the show up until recently and was “blindsided” by what saw.

“I never watched the show [before]. You know why I didn’t watch the show? Not because I was lazy… thank God I didn’t watch the show, because now that I’m watching the show, I see things that my brother and Melissa said about me, and my ex-husband. I’m like mortified. It’s like so heartbreaking, so heart-wrenching, so sad that my own family could be talking like this about me,” Teresa told Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Shay, while appearing on the Schenanigans with Scheana Shay podcast via Heavy.

Teresa is happy that she didn’t watch the show for years because it would have “upset” her late parents, but now she’s “free,” and the “weight has been lifted” she is apparently taking the high road sending Melissa and Joe well-wishes but adding that they need to keep her name “out of their mouth.”

“I kept the peace for my parents. But now that I don’t have them anymore, I’m free now. I’m done. I wish them well; I wish happiness in their life. But please, just leave me alone. Keep my name out of their mouth, and that’s it. I just want peace. I’m so tired of being dragged through the mud for the past 10 years.  And my sister-in-law lied to my face… it took 10 years, but the truth always comes out… all those years, how could you do that to a family? It’s so sad.”

Teresa also recounted the early days of Melissa and Joe’s marriage, recalling how fast it was, adding that Joe had “called off two weddings” before Melissa.

“[Melissa] moved into his house after a month they knew each other, they got engaged like after five months, after that they got married in 10 months, so everything happened so quick, so we kind of kept our mouths shut,” Teresa said on a November episode of her Namaste B$tches podcast.

Teresa then alleged that Melissa abruptly stopped taking her calls after she married Joe. The cookbook author said she and Melissa would talk every day because she wanted to be “close” with her.

“I would call her every day, and she would take my phone calls, and then it was so weird after they got married, the phone calls stopped,” Teresa explained.” So, she would take my phone calls before she got married and then afterward, she’s like I’m not f***** answering this phone call. And things started changing,” the RHONJ star told Heavy.

Teresa, Melissa, and Joe have yet to reconcile their broken relationships with each other. They have repeatedly traded barbs and jabs with each other through social media and interviews, and as of now, they show no signs of stopping.

Teresa said that Melissa and Joe have “crossed a line” that’s “hard to come back from.”

“I have friends who would never do some of the stuff my family has done to me, so when it’s family, it just hurts deeper,” Teresa told E! News. “Because a stranger, you could just let that go. Who cares? You’ll never speak to that stranger again. But when your family does it to you, it hurts.”