Jason Cameron Shades Ex Lindsay Hubbard Over Miscarriage Story on Summer House, Says it Was “Forced,” and Claims He Was “Caught off Guard”

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Jason Cameron Suggests Lindsay’s Miscarriage Story on Summer House Was “Forced,” Believes It Was Not a “Necessary Time,” and Claims He Was “Caught off Guard”

Credit: Bravo

After Lindsay Hubbard publicly revealed her miscarriage with Jason Cameron, the ex-boyfriend is going public with his own thoughts – and he isn’t too pleased about it. The stars met on the first season of Winter House amid a controversial love triangle between Lindsay, Austen Kroll, and Ciara Miller.

The couple broke up after Lindsay learned of the miscarriage, though she previously shared her willingness to have the child. Lindsay first discussed her miscarriage trauma on an episode of Summer House. Then, in an episode of its Winter House spinoff, Jason confronted Lindsay about it, claiming she discussed it without his knowledge.

In a public interview of his own, shared by Sarah Hearon on Instagram, via Queens of Bravo, Jason shared more of his thoughts on Lindsay’s miscarriage story.

First, he gave his opinion that it was “a little forced.”

The 36-year-old eventually expressed, “I didn’t think it was a necessary time to have that [conversation].”

He then added, “I was a little caught off guard.”

Recently, Lindsay reacted to Jason’s claims on Winter House.

“I basically have not spoken to him since [the conversation] because I just thought it was a really messed up thing to do,” Lindsay told Us Weekly on December 1. “Like, even if you are doing it to have something to talk about or for relevancy, don’t use my trauma for your relevancy. That’s where I draw the line, that is absolutely unacceptable for me.”

She continued, “I was just surprised because I did make him aware. So, when he talked about it going public, what he means is me sharing it on Summer House with Summer House cameras rolling. But the way I shared it on Summer House was with Carl, my best friend. … It was a way that I was comfortable sharing that story on our TV show.”

Winter House season two airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.