RHOSLC Recap: Jen Gives Heather Ultimatum Over Friendship, Shoves Lisa, and Throws Angie K.’s Shoes in Ocean

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RHOSLC Recap: Jen Gives Heather Ultimatum Over Friendship, Shoves Lisa After Questioning Their Friendship and Throws Angie K’s Shoes in the Ocean

On this episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the hypocrisy, drama, and deflection are off the charts on the girls’ trip (NOT to be confused with a women’s trip — touché, Heather). Will these relationships ever get mended? And will Heather and Jen ever remember what they say in the heat of the moment??

It’s only day one in San Diego and the women are already at odds. Jen is yelling about Angie K. and wants an apology from Angie (!!). Heather is adding fuel to Jen’s fire. Heather reminds Jen that Lisa stuck up for Angie immediately, and so of course, Jen is really hurt. Jen is p*ssed that Lisa is over there in Angie K.’s corner.

Meanwhile, Angie is feeling like she is being used and reminds the girls on her team that she also got conned by Jen. Angie lets them know that she has been waiting for Jen to repay her after throwing Coach his birthday party. Whitney tells Angie it is “inspiring” to see her be so real since that is how she is striving to act around Heather.

Lisa speaks the truth when she tells Angie, “Nobody wants to be in a friendship hostage situation.” Danna can’t understand why all of the ladies are afraid or intimated by Jen, and so she is ready to hold Jen accountable for her actions and words. That should go over well…

After a sh*t-talking session, the ladies claim they are ready to turn up. Whitney, the self-proclaimed “white girl with no a*s,” begins twerking, and the shots are flowing. Somehow, a fight breaks out between Lisa and Jen during the yacht dance party.

Jen calls Lisa inconsistent and tells Lisa who she can be friends with. Jen refuses to let Lisa hug her, and Lisa desperately tries to prove that she is truly a good friend to Jen. Lisa pleads with Jen and tries to find out what she did wrong, but Jen shoves Lisa and essentially tells her their friendship is over. In a fit of rage, Jen tosses the charcuterie board overboard, and TBH, I am just happy she didn’t chuck Lisa over.

Lisa continues to chase after Lisa, and Jen tells Lisa that she had her back when no one else did. Lisa reminds Jen, “Stop being a b*tch to me, I’ve done nothing to you.” The juxtaposition between the dancing ladies and the screaming Jen is comical.

Lisa demands that Jen, “Say you’re my friend.” Lisa believes that Jen is using emotional manipulation against the women in the group, and she calls Jen the fakest one of the bunch. Heather runs to Jen’s side and strokes her back as she attempts to cry after fighting with Lisa.

Whitney cannot seem to understand Heather and Jen’s relationship. One minute, Heather says she is over Jen, and the next minute, she is coddling Jen. Well, Lisa, for one, is refusing to play dumb games with Jen. She wants to talk to who she wants to talk to, and Whitney suggests the group take accountability. At that point, Meredith excuses herself from the conversation since she doesn’t want lessons from that “little girl” (an ode to Mary Cosby).

A drunk and disorderly Jen begins tossing shoes off the yacht. It turns out that Angie’s shoes were the ones that Jen threw in the water. And the way Jen blatantly lies about throwing Angie’s shoes really makes you wonder if the girl can keep a straight face about that, she can DEFINITELY trick a jury, amiright?

Danna, a complete outsider, is baffled by Heather and Jen’s relationship since Heather had quite a bit to say about Jen at their breakfast the other day. Heather finally leaves Jen’s side as she takes a rally nap in the Sprinter van, but after an hour or so, Jen is ready to party.

Heather FaceTimes Angie H., who Heather calls “pure fun that you can really let loose with.” Are we talking about the same girl? THE Finsta Angie H.?! Angie is amazed to hear that Angie K. and Jen are at odds, and she warns Heather to watch herself around Jen.

The ladies gather for the Polynesian dinner, and Jen enters dressed in hula garb. There is a fire dancer show, and Angie wonders if Jen will ever even pay them… The hula dancers enter next. Meredith cannot dance because she is made of cardboard, but she plays along as they all get some lessons. The Polynesian dinner begins, and just as they begin to dig in, the fun police (aka the strippers) enter the backyard. It’s quite ironic since the last time Heather was around police, she was in the Beauty Lab parking lot and she thought they were strippers. Oh, but she was very, very wrong.

After a short and very awkward performance, the strippers exit, leaving the women to talk among themselves (a dangerous thing). Danna states that the energy seems off, and she tells Jen that she is not very nice to some of the girls. Danna outs the fact that Heather told her if Jen gave her an ultimatum, Heather would no longer be friends with Jen. Way to throw Heather right under the bus.

Danna also lets everyone know that Heather told Angie H. that a public apology to Jen about the Shahxposed Finsta would be admitting that she did a horrible thing. Danna shares that Angie H. spoke to her legal team, and they advised her not to do that because they do not want any association with Jen. LOL. Didn’t they create a Finsta account using Jen’s last name?

Heather gets furious with Danna for opening her mouth, and she wonders why Danna is so invested. And when Angie K. butts in, Heather jumps down her throat. Angie K. tells Heather, “Your mouth is just going like this and there’s a whole lotta bullsh*t coming out.”

And so the ‘who is a better friend to Jen’ argument ensues. Angie questions if Heather is a good friend to Jen, and Heather reminds the whole group that she has given each and every one of them grace.

Lisa decides to point out the hypocrisy between Jen and Heather. Lisa is over everyone lying. It also seems like Jen doesn’t even remember going after Lisa on the yacht earlier in the day. Lisa tells Jen she shifted the whole mood, and Jen plays dumb. Lisa just calls it like it is: Jen Shah is a liar. Seems like Jen only remembers when she feels wronged. Because Jen doesn’t know what to do, she begins deflecting.

Jen freaks out when Lisa calls her a liar, and then she apologizes to Angie for the champagne pour. However, Lisa is yet to get her apology. If this isn’t chaotic enough, after a bit of prodding, Jen finally tells Heather how she truly feels about her. Jen’s feelings are hurt that she allowed Angie H. to audition for her choir after hearing about the Finsta.

Heather tries to drag Whitney into the mess since Whitney came with Angie, but Whitney reminds Heather that she invited them to the auditions. Heather is not taking the heat very well, and she also begins deflecting. Jen gets emotional wondering how Heather can still be friends with Angie.

Heather makes it clear that she is not going to stop being friends with Angie H., and Jen tells Heather she is certainly not a ride-or-die friend. Heather’s definition of ride-or-die seems to be a little different than Jen’s. Lisa excuses herself since she is tired of one-sided friendships, and Jen claims she just needs to know where people stand. To that, Heather storms off and yells, “Go find yourself another Heather Gay, I’m out.”