Family Karma’s Amrit Kapai Talks “Dire” Consequences on New Season, Claims Gizelle Bryant Was ‘Rude’ to Him

by Josh Ramsey
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'Family Karma’ Star Amrit Kapai Teases “Difficult” Dynamics and “Dire” Consequences to Come on New Season, Plus He Claims Gizelle Bryant Was 'Rude' to Him, & Talks Friendship With Vishal Family and Weddings

Credit: Cindy Ord/Charles Sykes/Bravo

Family Karma star, Amrit Kapai, is teasing the drama that’s to come on amid the new season and talks his own wedding that’s to be aired on the show.

Amrit says that this season of Family Karma will be all over the place with personal relationships going in different directions, and not only are the younger cast members affected, but it also spills over into their parent’s lives as well, causing an upset in “dynamics.”

With any friend group, there are ups and downs,” Amrit told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “There are moments when we’re happy and moments when things get really difficult. You’re really going to see that firsthand just how intricate the relationships are, the dynamics of the friendships.”

“Not just between the younger kids, and when I say kids, I’m 36. It’s cute that I refer to myself as the kid at 36!” Amrit said jokingly before adding. “But the younger generation. And then the level of the parents above us. Because it’s not very easy when things get out into the community. It doesn’t just affect us. It affects our parents, and our parents have had friendships much longer than ours.”

This season has been heavily focused on romantic relationships and marriages. Amrit’s costars, Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam, are looking to become engaged, however, rumors of Rish cheating on Monica perpetuated by Monica’s childhood friend, Brian Benni, threaten to put a damper on those hopes. There’s also the issue of Vishal Parvani’s partying habits that are causing issues in his relationship with his wife, Richa Sadana.

“It’s a very, very delicate balance,” Amrit stated. “Things are going to surface about people in our friend group. Things are going to surface about relationships. And you’re going to see people faced with a lot of really difficult choices. Because, again, the consequences of anything that’s spoken and anything that surfaces in our community are pretty dire.”

Amrit also spoke fondly of his close relationship with Vishal as the two both get married this season on Family Karma and have done “everything together.”

“Not to be too somber and dramatic, we get to see two beautiful weddings,” he said, referring to his and Vishal’s nuptials. “Vishal and I getting married within a couple of months of each other. It was just perfect in my mind.”

“I’m about 60 days older than him. But born the same year, two months apart,” Amrit reflected. “We did all of life’s big moments together from grade school to high school, graduation to college, and our first jobs. And now this. And who knows what might happen.”

In another interview, Amrit also named RHOP star Gizelle Bryant when asked who was “the meanest Bravolebrity” he had experienced.

“Well, actually, I mean, this might’ve been in my head — Gizelle Bryant said something really rude to me!” Amrit told Page Six.

He did add that it’s possible Gizelle meant no harm as he explained their encounter.

“It was the last day of BravoCon… There was a lack of sleep. I mean, I was running on fumes,” he shared.  “So I think I was like walking toward the back area, which — the place was huge!… And I was walking to the back, ’cause you had to get from room to room, and I probably looked like a crazy person. But she was like, ‘Sweetie, you look so lost.’ And I’m looking at her like, ‘Oh, my God, I do!’”

Family Karma airs Sunday nights at 9 PM EST on Bravo.