RHOM’s Lenny Hochstein Addresses Admitting to Cheating on Hot Mic and Apologizes, Plus He Throws Shade at Ex Lisa

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Lenny Hochstein is now addressing his controversial hot-mic moment that was recently exposed on the Real Housewives of Miami. In the audio clip, which occurred while Lenny was still with his wife Lisa, he whispered to a man named Vito that he may be “single” soon.

The plastic surgeon also claimed he was no longer sleeping with his wife because that would be “cheating” on the person he “really care[d] about.” According to his own words, Lisa didn’t know it was happening. In a different scene, Lenny indicated he’d use the court to make Lisa vacate the home.

On Instagram, via a screenshot shared by Queens of Bravo, Lenny reacted to his hot-mic moment and seemed to offer an explanation.

“What I say is that I understand that [Lisa] will never move on and the only way is when a court rules on it,” he wrote amid his recent divorce.

He then asked (perhaps rhetorically), “Unless you think I should give her the house?”

A fan clapped back, writing, “You said that you didn’t want to cheat on your mistress with your wife. I’m sorry but that would have ripped my heart out for good. It’s just sad that she had to be publicly humiliated.”

At this point, Lenny offered a (semi-)apology before throwing more shade at his wife. “I am truly sorry for that but that moment was years in the making,” he said. “Our marriage was long over and [Lisa] didn’t care. I was just the useful idiot funding her lifestyle.”

Image credit: @lennyhochstein/Instagram via Queens of Bravo

In another Instagram comment shared by Queens of Bravo, Lenny reacted to a fan who called him the “cliché of getting a younger woman” while already having a “beautiful” wife with “two perfect kids.” The fan added, “[I] wish you find your way back to her.”

Lenny then reacted, “I would rather be alone and loveless than ever be with Lisa.”

Image credit: @lennyhochstein/Instagram via Queens of Bravo

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