REPORT: Lindsie Chrisley Accuses Dad Todd of Harassment and Blackmail Over Sex Tape, Admits She Was “Afraid” of Him After Indictment for Fraud in New Court Docs

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REPORT: Lindsie Chrisley Worked with the FBI to Help Bring Down Parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, Claims Todd Tried to Blackmail Her with a Sex Tape Bought by Brother, Chase, as Prosecution Scolds Lindsie For Being “Manipulated” By Family

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In an explosive new report, it has been revealed that Chrisley Knows Best star, Lindsie Chrisley, cooperated with the FBI and made damning accusations against her father, Todd Chrisley, and stepmother, Julie Chrisley, prior to their indictment on federal bank fraud and tax evasion charges.

Todd and Julie have been sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison and each given an additional 16 months of probation following their release. They have plans to appeal.

In new legal documents and interview records obtained by The Daily Mail, Lindsie began speaking with the FBI and Georgia’s Department of Revenue (GDOR) and shared allegations of physical abuse, harassment, and blackmail, all at the hands of her father.

According to a source at the news outlet, Lindsie began speaking with the GDOR back in 2017 “after Todd and Julie had been served with their state case” due to worries about the “implications” it would have on her son, Jackson.

The source continued adding that Lindsie wanted everyone to know “they were just the worst people and Lindsie was “sick and tired” of Todd and Julie “getting away with stuff.”

Lindsie and Todd were estranged for years due to his intimidation techniques and began calling Lindsie a “snake” and “harassing” her as the federal case mounting against him began to grow stronger.

In the FBI interview documents that were taken during 2019 in Atlanta, GA, Lindsie recounted a heinous blackmail attempt that Todd tried to use against her in order to get her speak well on his and Julie’s behalf amid their legal woes.

Lindsie claims in the interview she and Todd met in a Chattanooga, TN restaurant and she believed the meeting was for Todd to “apologize” for his ill-treatment of her, however, she soon found out that was not the case, a there was a more threatening motive behind her father’s actions also involving her younger brother, Chase Chrisley.

“Once in the restaurant Todd told her that he was going to be indicted for conspiracy and tax evasion and it was going to be bad and all over the media. Todd questioned Campbell about her involvement in all of this”’ the report read referring to Lindsie by her married name.

The report continued stating, Lindsie “became angry with Todd and told him he needed to stop and that he needed to tell Chase to stop. Todd told Campbell that she needed to be careful with Chase because what he had she did not want to mess with. Todd said that Chase had a sex video from a puppy cam of Campbell…that he bought for $5,000

The sex tape in question was unknowingly taped without Lindsie’s knowledge and recorded by a “puppy-cam” with romantic partner, Robbie Hayes.

Lindsie told Todd it was a crime to sell a sex tape, but he only replied with ‘It’s not criminal, maybe civil,’ and allegedly warned Lindsie to ‘just be careful,’ the report read.



On the very day Todd and Julie were indicted, Lindsie wrote an email to the FBI that she was “truly afraid” of Chase, and he had been posting things on social media that were concerning, “insane,” and “suggestive.”

No actual charges were ever brought against her family by Lindsie and the issue was apparently dropped.

Lindsie also stated to authorities that she believed Todd was having her followed.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Lindsie ended up “flipping” sides and ultimately, spoke positively and highly of Todd and Julie during their trials, much to the ire of Federal authorities.

“Ultimately, she did exactly what he wanted her to do and testified for him and Julie. She said the sex tape thing was a big misunderstanding. It was embarrassing to watch because her testimony wasn’t convincing anyone,” the Daily Mail source explained.

The judge reportedly even reprimanded Lindsie for reversing her testimony and accused her of lying under oath after the numerous cooperative reports and leads she had given while working with the prosecution.

In the sentencing memorandum the prosecution pressed for a heavier sentencing for Todd because he “threatened, intimidated, and unlawfully influenced his daughter, Lindsie Chrisley.”

According to the Federal government, “Todd and Julie Chrisley’s crime spree culminated in their attempts to obstruct the grand jury’s investigation and putting up witnesses to lie for them at trial, including Todd’s mother and his oldest daughter from his first marriage.”

“Todd Chrisley succeeded in manipulating his estranged daughter, bringing her back into the family fold, and putting her on the stand at trial.”

Their statement concluded, “Todd Chrisley not only tried to ‘unlawfully influence’ his daughter, Lindsie Chrisley; he succeeded.”